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ATOM is now available on several cryptocurrency exchanges. on October 31, 2019, Coin America goes live with ATOM USD/ATOM/USDT Trading Pairs

One of the industry participants involved in drafting the bill was pioneering bitcoin investor Erik Finman

Still, there are many people who are desperate because they have lost their bitcoins and have opted for hypnosis services. According to Miller, one investor managed to remember his bitcoin wallet password with the help of hypnosis alone

OKEx has officially launched ONT and ATOM perpetual contract】According to OKEx official microblogging news, OKEx has launched the ONT and ATOM perpetual contract in Hong Kong. On May 6th at 15:00, ONT and ATOM perpetual contracts will go live, with a zero rate for pending orders, and offer up to 0.035% Maker rebate. As of now OKEx has added NEO/LINK/DASH/XTZ/ZEC/ADA/ONT/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ADA/ONT/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ADA/ONT/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC/ZEC ATOM, a total of 8 currencies of perpetual contracts, will be followed by other popular currency contracts online

After BNB, we will be working on XRP, ATOM and BTC. We hope to be able to in the next quarter XRP, ATOM and BTC to launch after this year

The blue line represents the change in the total number of fully mortgaged Atom units and the pink line represents the change in Atom prices. Not surprisingly, the number of Atom units secured across the network went through a period of rapid growth before May 3, followed by a period of rapid growth with As of June 23, the total number of Atom mortgaged across the network was approximately 150 million, or about 60.8 percent of the total Atom count. As of June 23, the total number of Atom mortgages on the Internet was about 150 million, or about 60.8% of the total Atom count. And prices, while falling somewhat in May, have also been rising steadily overall!

Currently Cosmos' four eco-projects, Atom/Iris/Kava/Terra, are live! Mainstream Exchange. This is a very rare thing. And there will be more Cosmos ecological projects coming online on the mainnet and the exchange. Getting stronger and stronger.

If you don't want to take a year long and instead choose to ship high, then even if it ends up being a poorer performer for bitcoin, ETH. BNB, ATOM, has also been around long enough for people to cash in on the good gains in the last year


On April 7, veteran digital asset exchange Bitfinex announced the launch of its Staking service, with initial support for EOS The coin deposit and interest service of the mainstream projects such as Coin Security and Cosmos (ATOM). Coincidentally, trading platforms such as Coin Safe and BitMax have also recently launched their own Staking section.

ATOM inflation floats at 7% to 20%, again among all PoS projects done on pre-2016 modify

The combination of digital currency system and smart contract technology can achieve the transfer of funds from investors to fundraisers on the investment platform. Implementation process: first, the investor wallet receives the smart contract issued by the investment platform, after the investor confirms, add to the contract Investment amount, investor's digital signature and investor's personal information. After the investment confirmation information is verified by the investment platform, the smart contract takes effect and the investor wallet pays the fundraiser through the digital currency system. digital currency

- Slow Fog Alert: World's Leading Bitcoin Wallet Electrum 'Update Phishing' Theft Continues

Currently, the Huobi cold wallet address ranks among Bitcoin holding addresses (255,502 BTC) in terms of the number of coins held First. The top ten addresses on the wealth list also include Binance cold wallet addresses, Bitfinex cold wallet addresses and other Unmarked Wallet Addresses. The sum of coins held by the top 100 addresses represents 15.29% of the total network (the actual value is higher when considering lost coins), while some of the Bitcoin The coin whale is hiding in there.

One of the most widely criticized aspects of the Cosmos Hub compared to the Polkadot is the Atom capture. The ability to capture value is too weak. Regarding Atom's value capture, in addition to the original avenues of collecting fees, and maintaining network security. It's also critical to note that when the ecosystem of the Cosmos network thrives, there will be a lot of application chains a lot of Zone will give Atom new ways to be used. For example, Atom is already being used for DeFi lending, buying VPNs with Atom, and more! IBC's team members have also said on the telegram that IBC will focus on building Atom's value in the future. And, as the official team members have said in their telegrams, IBC will focus on accumulating Atom's value in the future. ICO was not expected to drive the price of the currency up significantly, so the Cosmos ecosystem is booming! up, Atom's future value is still huge to imagine.

imToken currently supports only four main-chain tokens, BTC, ETH, EOS, and COSMOS (ATOM). Still to be enriched

Cosmos (ATOM), #19

As of publication, PoS Staking currencies with the highest StakingRewards.com ratings XTZ, with a current currency price of $1.35, a theoretical gain of 6.04% and an adjusted yield of 0.98%; followed by the ATOM, current coin price $4.01, theoretical gain 8.24%, adjusted yield 1.61%

All of the above are characteristics of Bitcoin. In order to participate in Bitcoin's global economic system, you need to generate via computer from 2^256 possible combinations of A unique personal key. It's like choosing an atom from the entire universe that belongs to you; with that atom, you can transfer the value to another in the universe It is not possible for anyone else to choose an identical atom at random. This process can be likened to creating a bitcoin "bank account", or address

What asset type is an encrypted pass?PoW chain passes are obviously non-productive assets such as BTC, ETH, etc. There is no interest in holding BTC/ETH. In many countries, including the US and China, Bitcoin's legal status is that of a commodity. Have I often said that in order to understand the source of value and the laws of development of Bitcoin, it must be studied as a currency? So is Bitcoin a commodity or a currency? If you understand Hayek's concept of monetaryity, you know that commodities and currencies are not mutually exclusive. Saying that bitcoin is currency is equivalent to saying that bitcoin is a highly monetized commodity.The pass for a PoS chain becomes different. This includes the Cosmos pass ATOM and the Polkadot pass DOT, which are the focus of this article. They become productive assets (capital) when they Staking for income; or they may not participate in the Staking, used to pay for an exchange, in which case the pass is an unproductive asset (commodity/money). Similar to real estate, it can be either rented or owner-occupied. Therefore, ATOM and DOT are analyzed separately according to whether they are involved in staking or not, because capital and money are not considered to be in the same category. The valuation methodologies are quite different.

3/ Token Atom

The ABCC will stop ATOM on October 24, 2019 (UTC + 8), according to an official ABCC announcement Transaction, all ATOM token holders will have until 15:00 (UTC + 8) on 24 October 2019 to 收到由contact@abcc-inc.com寄出的一封邮件到其注册的ABCC邮箱帐户 in, titled "Please withdraw ATOM notification from ABCC Exchange" and provide relevant information such as the address to withdraw the tokens. ATOM Token Holders are advised to respond to the request by 15:00 (UTC + 8) on October 27, 2019. Email message. Until 15:00 (UTC + 8) on 28 October 2019, the ABCC will be able to retrieve from the user ABCC account Process and transfer funds to the withdrawal address provided by them

PAData analyzed the three Staking totals of ATOM, IRIS, and Tezos, which are higher and more service providers. The relationship between the voting weights (pledge weights) of many assets and the annualized returns of the currency nodes was found to be that nodes with high operating voting weights' Service providers do not necessarily offer higher revenues to users

Is this feasible? Or can't we have the same wallet on two different Bitcoin nodes?

ATOM: Astro's overall trend remains strong, currently near 3.0 points of oscillation adjustment, the daily has been out of seven consecutive gains. The next step back not to break 2.8 points can still be short term admission ambush, K line indicators MA SMA started upward golden fork, the main funds also Make the plate inside, the lower does not break support or to shock up. Operation, today's pressure at 3.2, support at 2.8

Byte+Atom was founded in January 2017 and the name was abbreviated from Byte+Atom , Byte byte, meaning the digital world; Atom atom, meaning the physical world, than the original chain wants to be the link Bridging the digital and atomic worlds

ATOM: Volume is needed to break the high ahead of $3.58 before the daily uptrend begins, support today: $2.9 USD, pressure level: $3.3-3.5

bitcoin atom wallet investor

If you're bullish on a project for the long term, it's not far off for days, months. Just wait for the right time to open a position. I would consider opening a position in Solana after December. tezos Link Atom stream this year. I don't think I can outrun Solana.

Ethereum has underperformed in strategies that use lump sum investments, but when a fixed investment strategy is used, the gains relative to BTC are also There is 3.65%. When the costs are smoothed out, Etherium didn't buy for a year like many are now spouting that it equals nothing, at least temporarily on the fixed investment Atom and BNB also lost some money due to fixed-vesting

In the case of HPT, for example, the user pledges the ATOM and then settles the pledge proceeds with HPT, which requires that the When the market goes down, HPT goes down less than tokens like ATOM; when the market goes up, HPT goes up even more. Bigger than tokens like ATOM

Since the simple act of pledging an ATOM yields 11.5% per year, it is important for ATOM holders to invest (e.g. (to provide liquidity) Those DApps that return less than 11.5% (especially DeFi) would not be preferred

However, investor interest in CME products also appears to be waning. Last week, the exchange registered only 59 bitcoin options trades for the entire week

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