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On November 1, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto posted on the cryptography mailing list at "metzdowd.com". A paper titled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Bitcoin White Paper

Wu Jihan, as he translated the Bitcoin white paper into Chinese to promote Bitcoin and peer-to-peer electronic cash into China

Buterin's view that Bitcoin was originally intended to be used as peer-to-peer electronic cash has been supported by many, and Satoshi Nakamoto The title of Satoshi Nakamoto's 2008 bitcoin white paper also reflects this

Satoshi Nakamoto Sends Bitcoin White Paper, "Bitcoin: APeer-to-Peer," to Members of the "Cryptocurrency Mailing Group. Peer Electronic Cash System" (Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash) System), which formally introduced the concept of Bitcoin

Recently, mathematical calculations about Bitcoin appeared in the Dutch entrance exam paper, which had five questions on the stem related to Bitcoin. It is estimated that around 200,000 Dutch students took the exam this year

The similarity to the Bitcoin white paper is the desire to eliminate the "banking interface" or eliminate "trusted third parties."

Unlike the direction described by Satoshi Nakamoto inside the white paper, "Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System," which has undergone about a decade of development and settling. Today Bitcoin has become the majority of the population - digital gold. So what about in another ten years, what will Bitcoin look like in 2030?

Twitter CEO and Bitcoin promoter Jack Dorsey has been the CEO of Twitter for years of Bitcoin fans, even promoting Bitcoin in 2018 by making its payment company Square add a Bitcoin purchase feature currency. Since then, Dorsey has suggested that Bitcoin could be the local currency of the Internet, even calling the Bitcoin white paper "poetry."

bitcoin paper wallet bitcoin cash

The dangerous beliefs he refers to focus on the degree of control miners have over the Bitcoin network. But many die-hard Bitcoin fans have a soft spot for the white paper (Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey even called it Poetic), they don't want to change this white paper.

Prior to the fork, Bitcoin Cash had the same history as Bitcoin, so their The underlying scripting system is functionally identical, and Bitcoin Cash benefits from these same aspects. Since then, a large part of the Bitcoin Cash community has recognized the need for "more useful smart contracts". Bitcoin Cash has enabled new features to make its smart contracts more useful, while retaining the basic property

The two main branches of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), with Bitcoin and the More Bitcoin Cash Developers than Bitcoin SV Developers

In August-September, bitcoin wallet Electrum was hacked twice by phishing attacks, and according to multiple statistics counterfeit Electrum Phishing attacks that escalated tips have stolen at least 1,450 BTCs, then worth $11.6 million.In November, South Korea's well-known 343,000 ETHs, worth about $50 million at the time, were stolen in a hack of the Upbit exchange

The discussion of who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto is has been ongoing, and Craig Steven Wright has also said he It's Satoshi Nakamoto.Craig Steven Wright's knowledge in the field of computers, cryptography is very deep. Did a lot of exploring. But Juola & Associates, the firm that had put Craig Steven Wright's The paper was grammatically compared to the bitcoin white paper and concluded that the bitcoin white paper was 100% not Craig. Steven Wright wrote.Craig Steven Wright also responded by saying that Bitcoin The idea was mine, but the white paper was written by his good friend, Dave Kleiman. And that's how Dave Kleiman first came into the public eye.

Last June, John M. Griffin, a professor of finance at the University of Texas, published a paper entitled Is The paper, "Bitcoin Really UnTethered?", alleges that in 2017, the Bitcoin The 50% increase was "manipulated" by Tether. In the eyes of investors, USDT's credit is obviously insufficient, but every lightning storm has a negative impact on USDT, and the people behind it. Neither Tether nor Bitfinex is fatal.

On October 31, 2008, a person with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto posted an article in a cryptography forum email group called "Bitcoin : A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" research paper. Three months later, he turned the theory into reality and dug up the first batch of 50 bitcoin

Bitcoin's support for smart contracts is not very good, and smart contracts are typically added to the Bitcoin system via Bitcoin scripts. So, BitML: A Calculus for Bitcoin Smart The "Contracts" paper is a formalization of the creation of smart contracts (or Bitcoin scripts) on the Bitcoin system. verification language

Blockchain was introduced around the time of the global financial crisis in 2008, and it started with a 9-page white paper called "Bitcoin: Peer-to-Peer Electronic The Cash System. A few months later, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto mined the world's first bitcoin. About a week later, the first transaction was completed - Satoshi sent 10 BTC to a company called "Reusable". The creator of the Reusable Proof of Work system, Hal Finney

Satoshi Nakamoto, in 2008, was distrustful of the Western financial system. Published the article "Bitcoin White Paper: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system," which designed Bitcoin, a digital cash system of prototype in an attempt to re-establish a technology-based trust relationship. The system utilizes cryptography, timestamps, distributed ledgers, and consensus mechanism design to shape the blockchain's secure, distributed, and Traceability and other features, trying to solve the problem of trust and large-scale collaboration between strangers from a technological perspective.

The quality of the financial infrastructure allows individuals to access and hold bitcoins. In 2010, buying bitcoins was nearly impossible and your only custodial option was bitcoin QT "Satoshi". client" or a homemade paper wallet. Today, you have access to $1 billion worth of Bitcoin exposure, which you can either keep to yourself or rely on some of the world's largest of asset management companies and custodians. This is a fundamental change

Bitcoin's Chained Block Structure Bitcoin White Paper

The Bitcoin pioneer, quoted by Satoshi Nakamoto in his Bitcoin white paper, claimed that when each BTC is worth $10,000, 100 BTC would be an "amazing value."

The white paper then describes the basis of the consensus algorithm used by blockchain Bitcoin: the famous workload proof is the entire Bitcoin mining process the most central concept in it. In addition, within the white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto details the concept of the rewards that miners receive for validating trading blocks and explains the need to pass the People's computing power to incentivize participation in the Bitcoin network to protect its security. The bitcoin system network is also precisely defined, making it a good idea to understand why nodes consider the longest transaction chain to be the correct one. possible

During the time between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Halve, miners can mine by first switching Bitcoin and then switching Bitcoin Cash Carry out mining and you may get a better return.

Today is April 1st, April Fool's Day in the West. Probably held down by depression for too long and wishing to relax and entertain himself, coinmarketcap today gives All currency users on a funny coin - the Toilet Paper Token. Recently if you pay attention to the news you will see that Americans are hoarding toilet paper in large quantities. So Toilet Paper is getting more attention than Bitcoin!

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