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ada wallet maintenance binance, Binance Undergoes 'Maintenance

2021-01-21 09:49  Category : Other Wallet  

Original article : BTC crosses $10,000 mark this morning, ADA leads mainstream coin gains

Binance Futures

But Trust Wallet itself has a certain user base, and the acquisition not only brings Binance significant overseas market benefits, and due to his own relatively independent development mechanism, he has also turned into a powerful wallet-solving capability while providing a Very open wallet app, a great handful for both users and eco-applications

In response to this, Coin Security released a temporary maintenance announcement saying that Binance will be undergoing temporary maintenance, during which it will suspend recharges, withdrawals, and the use of cash. Spot and leveraged trading, C2C trading, Coin Safe purchase and redemption, fund transfer (sub-accounts, leveraged accounts, contract accounts, etc.) (fiat currency accounts), contract trading will not be affected, until further notice.

3,407 BTCs were transferred from the Binance Exchange worth $32,883,200. Alert data shows that on June 03, at 06:22 GMT, 3407 BTC from Binance The transaction was transferred to an unknown wallet, valued at approximately $32,583,200 at current prices, with a transaction hash of. 8606c82774932de5b2a564dadeb55a0cddf0f9c9eb17115a560798a2668d119c

Coin Institute & Binance Trading - June 21, 2019

Cryptocurrencies such as ALGO, ZEC, DASH, RVN, XLM, BAT, ADA, etc.


Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano (Token: ADA) (Hoskinson)

Coin Security has extended its business reach to a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem, including Coin Security's inclusive financial system, Qixing ( Venus), Binance Chain, and Binance Incubator. Binance Research, Binance Charity and Binance Labs. Charity, Binance Academy, and the Coin On Developer Platform. Binance X)

Cardano (ADA) to Plan Technical Consensus Conference in Amsterdam on October 1

This limited edition Exodus 1 combines its native Zion Vault encrypted wallet app with the Binance DEX is integrated to allow users to perform encrypted transactions on the platform via their smartphones. In addition, the two companies said that the new smartphones will come preloaded with Coin Safe's app and its Trust Wallet

There are 1,500 scammers posing as the Binance team on LinkedIn

Charles and ADA return to the crypto world after breakups with BM and V God.

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