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what wallet can hold cardano?

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Cold wallet storage: cold wallets can also be understood as offline wallets and hardware wallets, which store a user's private key in a hardware device. Because they don't have to be networked all the time, they are not easy to be hacked and are a more secure means of storing digital currency. However, it is very complicated to use, and removing the money stored in the cold wallet will require multiple devices to decrypt before it can be synchronized to the main network. The cold wallet is only suitable for investors who hold digital currencies for a long period of time, and the security method is necessarily complicated.

Cardano (ADA) Foundation to Meet in Hong Kong on July 30

According to a roadmap previously released by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. Cardano plans to release Shelley in late July and issue a pledge bonus in August. Following this announcement, the ADA price has risen 45% in the last two days to $0.08. The ADA is currently at last year's July levels. As previously reported, on May 29, according to Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson at the Twitter shared the roadmap for Cardano's next mainnet iteration Shelley as early as July 29th Posted. cardano plans to release the main network code around June 23 before releasing it on June 30 Shelley mainnet candidate chain. The official hard fork will begin on July 29, when Shelley launches. cardano will be on August 18. Start issuing pledge rewards for its token ADA around

By Hierarchical Deterministic Purse Rules (HDPR) Wallet (HD Wallet), where a single private key can be used to generate many EOA addresses for safekeeping. different assets; operate separately using multiple addresses, even if the user will use dApp, DeFi protocol and initiate a large number of transactions and still maintain a degree of anonymity. Using this set of rules, a user could even hold just one private key and then provide a key for every dApp and The token creates an EOA address specifically for interaction. The contract wallet does this as well, but because of the Gas fee, it creates an EOA address for every dApp/ Tokens Creating a contract wallet is prohibitively expensive and impractical. Even if you don't consider the cost of Gas, this can cause network congestion!

Cardano as a test

Many organizations, such as Dapper Labs, Gnosis and Argent, are launching The Contract Wallet, designed to combine user experience and security. Contract wallets hold users' money in a smart contract, and the ability to send transactions and protect accounts within the contract can go far beyond The level of the ethereum protocol itself

What are the features of this tool? It can be used like Telegram for chatting or as a simple digital currency wallet.

When it comes to the Genesis Wallet, most ETH Genesis members still hold the majority of their funds. On average, developers and founders still hold 56.4% of the ETH in their Genesis wallets

Cardano White Paper

What we call the "bankless" concept is really quite simple: you hold most of your encrypted wealth ( hold) in cryptocurrencies, especially crypto commodity currencies (crypto commodity money), i.e., ethereum and bitcoin.

First of all, the smart wallet can export the recovery code, the recovery code has the account management rights, it can go to freeze this account also can go to Replace the keys of the wallet, but it itself can not access the money in the wallet, and the recovery code is the highest access to this account. The peeps are still not satisfied with this. When you first start using it, your hands are full, you don't even know what the hell the recovery code is, in the traditional Alipay wallet, we only You need to know the password.

The screenshot above is the screenshot of imToken importing a BTC wallet. The dative import path. What is a mnemonic import path?BIP32 introduced the concept of a hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD Wallet). With BIP 39, users can manage BTC master addresses and multiple BTCs by backing up only one set of auxiliary entries. subaddress. The import path is regulated in the subsequent BIP 44

And currently we can observe the phenomenon: like the wallet category, the dictionary wallet still dominates, and DEX is the Layer 1 exchanges hold more market share, while stablecoins are dominated by custody, and lending agreements are The world of overcollateralized lending, anchored assets, and multi-custodial classes have temporarily dominated, and so on and so forth

imToken Chief Security Officer Blue shares how to choose an exchange and wallet to hold your crypto assets

Cardano (ADA) Cardano ambassador Marin Kramaric will be at the September 21 Croatia hosts Aida community gathering

[Cardano Founder: V God Ignoring Cardano is a Damage to the Ecology of Ethereum], June 3. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said in a recent interview that V God ignored the Cardano, by ignoring what Cardano has achieved, which is hampering the development of Ethereum itself. Everything about Cardano is open source and can be learned from by competitors. Charles Hoskinson claims to not live in V God's head again, so it's not clear why he never mentions Cardano. Project. This is a disservice to the ethereum ecosystem because many of the ideas in Cardano are very useful to ethereum. In addition to criticizing Cardano's technology, what they are doing is preventing some of Cardano's ideas from providing value to them

To elaborate, the Cardano Foundation, an independent standards body based in Switzerland, has at its core the responsibility of maintaining the Cardano rules and standards, managing the community, and working with authorities on regulatory and commercial matters

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