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How easy it is for the founder of a $30 million "decentralized scam" to take half?


Summary: Over the past 24 hours, the Stellar and Ripple coins have led the market to recover, with OTC inflows slowing significantly and other major currencies to The horizontal market is dominant. So far yesterday, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin have all seen large transfers, most likely from the wallet of trading platform Bitstamp Consolidation moves with less risk of short term sell-offs

Early on, Li Qiwei positioned Litecoin as a competing coin to Bitcoin, hoping it would divert some of Bitcoin's payment transactions. Ultimately, the vision of Bitcoin for large payments and Litecoin for small payments was realized. So, while Wrightcoin was initially set up to borrow most of the ideas of the Bitcoin network, in terms of processing speed and distribution volume which is significantly different from Bitcoin

However, with the 20-day moving average sloping downward and the RSI in weak market territory, the shorts have the edge for now. Therefore, I expect the Litecoin price to encounter strong resistance at the 20-day moving average, around $67.25. If the Litecoin price falls back from this level, the shorts will try to get LTC below the 200-day moving average again

Bitcoin mining rewards halving isn't always optimistic. For Litecoin (LTC) investors, it should come as no surprise that the probability of the options market, and the value of Litecoin holdings in 2019 The reward fell sharply after it was halved on August 5, 2010. On that day, the cryptocurrency was trading at just over $100. However, by December, the price of a single litecoin had fallen below $50

In mid-June last year, the price of the litecoin rose to $140, and by the end of the year its price fell to $40. However, according to coingape's prediction, the price of the litecoin will rise again in 2020. Data shows that since the beginning of the year, the price of the litecoin rose more than 20 percent, rising above $ 70

The U.S. Department of Justice announced this week that it sentenced Maksim Zaslavskiy to 18 months in prison, U.S. attorney Richard P. Donoghue stated that it was "an old-fashioned scam disguised as sophisticated technology". The United States Department of Justice explained the scam perpetrated by Zaslavskiy.

From Dec. 12 to Dec. 23, more than $115,000 worth of ETH was withdrawn from this address, resulting in numerous One suspects this is the beginning of an exit scam. While most reports are avoiding calling it an exit scam outright, the general opinion of the cryptographic community is that there is no doubt that this was a theft

Telegram brick-and-mortar arbitrage scam to 750 fraudulent pieces in eight days ETH

Editor's Note: Originally titled "More than 60,000 Bitcoins Still Unsuccessfully Transferred in PlusToken Funding Drive Scam

Ongoing scam

Litecoin released Litecoin Core 0.18.1 final version, users need to backup wallet files before upgrading! According to the official news, Litecoin announced today that the final version of Litecoin Core 0.18.1 has been released! The update adds new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. to this version. Users who are running an older version will need to close the older version. Wait until it completely shuts down (the old version may take a few minutes), then run the installer (on Windows). Or just duplicate.

An improved version of the Bitcoin-inspired digital currency, Litecoin, is seeing its second halving in August 2019

At the end of 2017, Revolut launched a new approach to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin ( (LTC) support

Data scientist Willy Woo predicts that with renewed bullish signs for litecoin, it could spark a bitcoin bull market

Sophos recently alerted us to a digital currency scam using Covid-19 that has gotten in the U.K. got some attention. This scam follows the pattern of the extortion scam we discussed above, where the scammer sends an email to the victim threatening to get their family to Covid-19 infection

The Litecoin Litecoin (LTC) 2019 summit will take place from October 28 to October 29 at the Held in Las Vegas, USA

From the "Bitcoin" pyramid scheme in the early days, to the Vicarcoin scam in recent years, the two words "scam" and "bitcoin" are the first impression of Tian Ye on cryptocurrency. The word "fraud" is Tian Ye's first impression of cryptocurrencies!

According to Coin Hunter CoinHunter data monitoring, since 2019, the total amount of "brick moving arbitrage" scam frauds More than 35,000 ETHs have been sold, of which 3,433 have been cashed out on the Bity exchange. Under the guise of "bricklaying", the scam induces users to transfer their ETHs to the address provided by the fraudster, who then gives them a proportional amount of money. Users turn to fake "HT" to get their assets. As of this writing, CoinHunter would like to remind users to be on the lookout for the fake "brick-jacking" scam. Publicity to avoid loss of assets

Leitecoin (Litecoin/LTC)

The Litecoin 0.18 standard has been finalized, tweeted Xinxi Wang, co-founder of the Litecoin Foundation. New version of Litecoin 0.18 coming soon!

REPORT: Crypto Market Plunge in the Early Hours of December 17 May Be Linked to Crypto Scam PlusToken

At the beginning of 2019, the price of the litecoin began to rise, from $30 on January 1 to $141 on June 23. But after June, before the "halving", the price of the litecoin plummeted again, falling to $37 on December 18

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