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local wallet monero, Running Monero [XMR] nodes, local and remote

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In theory, running nodes on the LN and providing routing for payments should just be part of a larger profitable business , which is similar to running a full Bitcoin node. Teams like LNBIG, the operator of the largest liquidity provider in the LN, are counting on this LNBIG currently operates 25 public nodes, which control approximately 50% of the total LN capacity.

Monero 1.66%

On the afternoon of April 7, the cryptocurrency exchange Bisq announced that it was suspending trading due to a "serious security flaw. During the night, Bisq issued another announcement detailing what it called a "serious security breach," saying, "About 24 hours ago , we found that attackers could exploit a flaw in the Bisq trading protocol to target single trades to steal trading funds. We know of seven victims who lost approximately 3 BTC and 4000 XMR. The only affected pairs were XMR/XMR and XMR/XMR. BTC, all affected transactions occurred within the last 12 days. The flaws in the trading agreement have been corrected in Bisq v1.3.0, which is now available."

Next we help the miners by running remote workers through other machines on the LAN to complete the seal.

Meanwhile, LIbra supporters deny the stablecoin is a security. At a July 2019 hearing before the House Financial Services Committee, Facebook's local encrypted wallet provider The head of Calibra said he did not consider Libra to be a security or exchange-traded fund, saying it could be considered a merchandise

Check the list and mapping of all running nodes

[Report: prices of privacy-focused crypto assets perform relatively well in Q1 2020], April 16, Crypto Investing A new report released by platform eToro in partnership with financial management company The Tie shows that in the first quarter of 2020 , Zcash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR), which are privacy-focused cryptographic assets, have seen a relative spike in price. ZEC gained 26.97% against Bitcoin (BTC), while Monero (XMR) only gained 4.61%.LTC has outperformed Bitcoin and it is currently adding the Mimblewimble protocol to Increased privacy

UPbit, one of South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that on November 17 at 1:06 p.m. local time, the 342,000 Etherium (ETH) in UPbit's hot wallet (worth about KRW 58 billion) were transferred to an unknown Wallet of Identity Source 0xa09871AEadF4994Ca12f5c0b6056BBd1d343c029. The estimated market value of the ETH stolen by UPbit is over $52.3 million based on the App Market's ETH market price estimate

[Analysis: It will take nearly 500 years to recover the cost of the equipment using the HTC EXODUS 1S for Monroe coin mining] In previous news, HTC announced that it has partnered with ASIC chip design company Midas Labs, which will allow users to directly Mining Monero (XMR) via its EXODUS 1S blockchain smartphone. However, according to the data given by Midas Labs, at the current price level of XMR, using the EXODUS The average daily return for 1S mining XMR is only $0.0038, which works out to an annual return of only $1.39. , given that the EXODUS 1S device is priced at $700. Assuming XMR prices remain constant, it would take nearly 500 years to recover the cost of the equipment.

Despite the successful activation of the hard fork, there are still some critics in the Monero community who are concerned about RandomX. Since RandomX is not only ASIC resistant, but also CPU friendly, the community is concerned about whether RandomX is There is uncertainty about the security of XMR networks that would be compromised.

We will test the contract we just wrote on the local test network. First, to generate the wallet file, which is needed to start the local test network, execute the following command

Translated from: Bitcoinistdoes-monero-have-a-serious- centralized-mining-problem?

Monero (XMR) Monero scheduled for Nov. 30 agreement upgrade

Filled with enthusiast enthusiasm. If you're a PoS network enthusiast and want to get deeply involved in running the network by running nodes, you can totally Join, provided it's your hobby and you have other sources of income

Monero (XMR) Monero scheduled for Nov. 30 agreement upgrade

So far, Windows-based systems have not exposed their private keys, but the threat lies in the use of the hidden Monroe coin ( (Monero) mining software

Currently, Monero developers are using RandomX instead of the CryptoNight algorithm. Despite the successful activation of the hard fork, there are still some commenters in the Monero community who are concerned about RandomX due to the Not only is RandomX ASIC resistant, but it is also CPU friendly, so the community is concerned about whether RandomX will be There is uncertainty about the security of compromised XMR networks

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