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how to access ledger nano ripple wallet?

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Of particular note: Neither the Nano S nor the Nano X are open source hardware. In addition, mnemonics are transcribed using paper cards, which can be stolen or copied if you are not careful!

But the Ledger Nano S reportedly had a serious vulnerability previously discovered by hackers, and the good news is that the hackers did not attack The wallet side was also given a friendly reminder. So the security of the Ledger Nano S has to be improved.

The Ledger Nano S looks like a USB flash drive, or even a USB flash drive. The casing is plastic and a bit light, and the texture doesn't look as good as the previous wallets, but at a glance it looks small and compact. Still, it's more like it.

For the user, when using the DC/EP, the entire DC/EP (green section) can be viewed as the Blackbox, interacts only through the wallet. However, it is also possible to access the ledger and verify that one's transaction history matches that provided by the wallet through a third-party call query interface. In terms of privacy, the wallets are real names, so the wallet provider manages user information under the supervision of the central bank. When registering a wallet, users are required to store their personal information in an identity database via the wallet

The problem here is that ethereum domains make it easy to create lists of ETH rich people who may have encryption in their homes. Wallets, such as encrypted wallets like the Ledger Nano. Not because ethereal domains are a bad idea per se, but because ethereal is just too open

Ledger Nano S

He noted that the XRP ledger was created by three people who went on to found Ripple together

New version of NAS nano pro released, dStaking officially opens

Select your wallet and click Unlock your Wallet. You will be prompted to confirm your access.

There are other hardware wallet options available. Ledger support is now available for Polkadot, which will work in conjunction with the Polkadot web application Bepal and Wookong are also working on a brand-new, Polkadot-supported, direct-access program. Encrypted hardware wallets

Hardware wallet Ledger joins DeFi camp, integrates decentralized exchange DeversiFi

Phil Chen says that many people may be confused and they will ask: When HTC blockchain phones connect to the Internet After that, how could it be a hardware wallet? In fact, the encrypted part of the blockchain phone isn't online, just like other hardware wallets (such as Trezor or (Ledger Nano S) Like the Ledger Nano S, the special SDK means that access to the hardware wallet will be very limited. Phil Chen said

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