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Exchange Wallet Balance: 3.6% increase in BTC balance and 10.7% increase in USDT balance. This week's exchange BTC wallet balance of 655,874,000 BTC, an increase of 22,820,000 BTC over the same period last week. Up 3.6%; exchange USDT wallet balance of 1,199,977 USDT, up from last week's period 115.94 million USDT, up 10.7%. Tether increased by 1.34% this week, and the total current USDT in circulation (including ERC-20, TRC-20) was $4,336.41 million

Exchange BTC wallet balance for the week was 2,497,569 BTC, a decrease of 0.28%; Exchange USDT wallet Balance 1,781 million USDT, an increase of 0.39%; total current USDT in circulation (including ERC-20, TRC (-20) was $4.854 billion, an increase of 1.28% over the same period last week

Exchange wallet balance: 2,435,700 BTC; USDT balance down 4.39%. Exchange BTC wallet balance for the week was 2,435,685 BTC; Exchange USDT wallet balance was 1,743.5 million USDT, a decrease of 180.12 million USDT, or 4.39%, from the same period last week; total current USDT in circulation ( including ERC-20, TRC-20) was $4,532.7 million, a decrease of 1.20% from the same period last week

According to the Managing Director of NEO Ecological Fund, Jiachao Wang, NEO uses the DBFP consensus mechanism, and the benefits of this consensus mechanism are Won't fork, can distribute NFT on NEO, wallet addresses over 2,000,000+, is working with Japan's exchanges to collaborate.NEO also focuses on ToB business for businesses.In 2019, NEO conducted a Neo EcoBoost's plan to prepare $100 million to go to support developers and help some projects grow. For example, dAPP, the development of infrastructure

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex International to close, to launch Bittrex Global

Exchange BTC wallet balance for the week was 2,435,006 BTC, down 3.27%; Exchange USDT wallet Balance 2.296 billion USDT, an increase of 9.84%; total current USDT in circulation (including Omni, ERC- 20, TRC-20) was $5,744.54 million, an increase of 11.30% from the same period last week

Wanchain light wallet, easy to manage USDT, one click cross-chain USDT

Starting with BCH, the original opcode disabled by Core is gradually restored, and Turing completeness is achieved.

Coinbase platform EOS delivery temporarily disabled due to EOS network performance degradation

Name: Bnet (Bittrex)

Bittrex Global provides card payment services to 125 more countries] Encrypted Trading Platform Bittrex Global has announced the availability of credit and debit card services to an additional 125 countries. Users can make deposits in French currency and make transactions directly with their Visa cards. Previously, in March, Bittrex Global had only launched the service for users in the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

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