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Bitcoin and technology are built on encryption. The modern tech industry exists because of encryption on the internet. Without SSH, which is used to encrypt connections, there would be no cloud, remote work, or deployment. Without SSL and HTTPS, which are used to encrypt credit card and line information, there would be no e-commerce, no payment companies, no advertising and subscriptions. The basic engineering and payment infrastructure that created wealth on the Internet will cease to exist. Similarly, Bitcoin exists because of decades of work in theoretical and applied cryptography. Without concepts such as public key encryption, digital signatures, hashes and hashcash, or SHA-256, the With implementations such as RIPEMD-160 and secp256k1, Bitcoin would not exist. The basic cryptographic structure required to represent, transmit and protect wealth through consensus would be unavailable

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Then, in 2008, the researchers used MD5 collisions to create an HTTPS certificate for a network of their arbitrary choice . This demonstration finally convinced the Certificate Browser Trusted Certificate Authority to abandon the MD5 hash function, but the algorithm is still widely used in the Other purposes

https certificate request: To secure the data transfer layer, https requests are required.

While HTTPS can encrypt, packet capture analysis becomes more difficult, HTTPS is in fact the same C/S architecture, encrypted certificate. It is also encrypted through a special server. So as long as the server is attacked, the entire network is exposed to a relatively large security risk, which is avoided by all C/S networks. No questions asked.

C/S architectures have a lot of problems, and the main protocols we use today are HTTP and HTTPS. traditional HTTP. All information is transmitted in plaintext, and one can capture and analyze packets of data throughout the network transmission, which can be analyzed Lots of content.

Mobile device plus cloud storage: the mobile device plays the role of the client, while the server is a cloud-based remote service provider that provides Open storage via a web-based API (e.g., HTTPS-based REST interface). Data is not stored on mobile devices

At the time, law enforcement agencies warned against adding a secure sockets layer to the Internet architecture on the grounds that such a change would impede law enforcement's ability to investigation of illegal activity. However, without such changes, electronic commerce (which relies on consumer confidence in the security of credit card and other financial information) could Never experience the exponential growth that followed https adoption. Ironically, after several high-profile hacks, the federal government has finally asked government agencies to store large amounts of Information is protected by government websites that support https

https wallet.tether.to verify_email verification_token eea6c6f996135c55b462

● bsngate_https.crt (public key certificate for https requests)

View the object at the gateway: https: //ipfs.runfission.com/ipfs/ QmS4ustL54uo8FzR9455qaxZwuMiUhyvMcX9Ba8nUH4uVv

Discuss configuration: https: //filecoin.io/blog/filecoin- testnet-mining

- https certificate request: To secure the data transfer layer, https requests are required.

● httpsProvider.js (used to define a tool class for sending https requests)

Tenter. Impossible triangle: secure, green, decentralized [EB/OL]. https: //www.8btc. com/article/7836, 2014-02-04.

The cryptography industry has followed almost exactly the same trajectory: e.g. slow internet speed/modem-like early blockchain Challenges to scaling, SSL/HTTPS like some privacy protections, JavaScript programming language Similar to the mature scripting languages in smart contracts/blockchain. In addition, web applications continue to improve in usability for the unskilled layperson, much like the cryptographic industry's efforts to Improving the usability of Dapp is very similar (though there is still a long way to go). As an example, WalletLink.org (and Coinbase Wallet) makes it possible for people to It's easier to immediately "log in" to Dapp and then quickly receive push notifications to approve payments or other transactional actions, as was previously possible. It's much more difficult to execute these actions.

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An asymmetric encryption algorithm that includes a public and private key. The public key and private key are a pair, and encryption and decryption use two different keys, eliminating the need for users to exchange secret keys. China 1 billion people bank U shield, enterprise registration U shield, police system identity authentication, electronic signature, Internet HTTPS security Websites, WeChat payments, and Alipay payments are common applications for blockchain e-invoicing, cryptocurrency e-signatures, and Authentication guaranteed trust in anonymity, private key wallets, etc.

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