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Matthew Black, co-founder and CTO of Atomic Loans, said

15 million USDTs transferred from Tether Treasury wallets WhaleAlert According to the data, on March 20, 20:13 GMT, 15 million USDT from Tether Treasury wallet transfers to an address beginning with 0x8bb0, valued at approximately $14,973,000 at current prices

Twelve million USDTs were transferred from the Tether Treasury wallet. Data shows that at 21:08 GMT on April 28, 12 million USDTs from Tether Treasury wallet transfer to an address beginning with 0x8bb0, valued at approximately $12.023 million at current prices The transaction hash is. 0xb7990bb99267d4cae62bbdd03da39999ad2aef82b99c6378b67f2ab48e38f1e6

Ledger to integrate SWIFT's atomic exchange functionality in its app Ledger Live

A typical example of such a cross-chain scheme is Blocknet, which adds to the atomic exchange the Order matching, transaction matching and other functions to achieve decentralized cross-chain currency exchange. However, the application scope of atomic exchange technology is relatively narrow, limited to the cross-chain transfer field, and cannot meet other cross-chain needs

Atomic Multi-Path Payments: atomic multi-path payments In late 2019 and early 2020, the three lightning networks' main The client has been updated separately with the multi-path payment feature. This feature is aimed at large bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network. The principle is very simple: a single payment event is split into multiple smaller payment events, which are then passed through different intermediate channels transmission. But splitting means that validation is required, and there can also be a 40% success and 60% failure scenario. The solution is to make all the processes atomic, only all payment events are completed and the other party will once All monies are received and if a particular payment event fails, the funds are returned to the payer, which also solves the problem of the payment through the Lightning Inconvenience on large online payments

Tether's treasury wallet is a separate account controlled by Tether, and all USDT creation and destruction is in the This occurs. All new USDTs are created and sent to this wallet first, and any redeemed USDTs must similarly be transferred back to this The wallet is then "abolished", i.e. destroyed.

Coinbase - Cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform

Innovative strategies for Layer 1 layer 1 of Algorand public chains: replaceable passes and atomic multi-party transfers

Cobo Wallet is a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet on iOS and Android with built-in dApps browser

New credit card SBC Wallet Cards with built-in cryptocurrency hot and cold wallets, Softbank Cards 3.0 goes live

15 million USDTs were transferred from the Tether Treasury wallet to the Fire Currency Exchange. Alert data shows that around 9:50 GMT on June 5, 15 million USDTs from Tether The Treasury wallet was redirected to an unknown address beginning with TWDjXK, which then redirected the 15 million USDT transferred to the Fire Exchange. At current prices, the value is approximately $14,946,200 and the transaction hash is. d7a1c56608946fbd54ada6372f4cba39367094e2e6f1d858c72cd0dd96e6c807

Atomic swaps are one of the plainest techniques in asset cross-chaining. The atomic cross-chain process is executed directly by both parties to the transaction, completely removing third-party trust and counterparty risk. Either the asset swap succeeds or fails, and the user's assets are always safe.

Magnet is the core engine of the entire decentralized value exchange protocol. As we know, Biogen Chain's original BUTXO model perfectly illustrates the essence of Transaction: Transaction is Transfers.Magnet further amplifies and contractually standardizes BUTXO's asset exchange capabilities, introducing matrix trading pairs model, which enables matrix swaps between assets in a single transaction, making multi-asset match discovery and atomic swaps easier to implement. Gives MOV the lowest level of efficient value exchange engine support. Compared to today's traditional decentralized DEX model of one-to-one matchmaking transactions, Magnetic Contracts is based on the BUTXO Multi-Asset Atomic swap characteristics allow for the formation of a portfolio exchange model, enabling "trade as a match".

atomic multipath payment

On March 26th of this year, Coinbase announced the integration of its Coinbase Wallet. Compound, dYdX, and several other DeFi apps that support wallet users to lend cryptocurrency and earn interest

Commenting on the company's goals, Amit Green, founder and CEO of Atomic, said

[James Clear: Hoping Bitcoin Will Succeed in the Current Uncertain Times] "Atomic Habits" ( (Atomic Habits) Author James Clear tweeted that he truly hopes that Bitcoin will be able to make its way through the current Success in this period of uncertainty

On December 28, 2019, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase in Reddit posts that Apple is pulling the plug on DApp in its App Store in order to "comply with the AppStore's Policy", Coinbase's mobile cryptocurrency wallet, Coinbase Wallet, will remove the DApp browser feature. Coincidentally, multi-chain wallet service provider TokenPocket also removed its Apple app-wide DApp Browser Features

On January 13, Atomic, an Israeli blockchain startup and decentralized collateral management platform, announced that it was HexaGroup has raised $2.5 million in a seed funding round led by HexaGroup. The company is developing a multi-chain, decentralized collateral management solution as a platform for P2P transactions, cryptographic-based payments and The base layer for other digital financial solutions such as loans with passwords

The solution is atomic multi-path payments, which in simple terms is multi-path payments + anti-part payment mechanism. "Atomic" means that the counterparty will receive a complete payment only if all micropayments are successful; if some micropayments are If the payment fails, then the entire transaction will fail and the funds will be returned to the payer.

The third major milestone for the Double Doppler version of the Beam main network (DD for short). The atomic exchange API in the DD version, Laser Beam (a two-tier network, similar to Bitcoin's lightning network), and hardware wallet refactoring are all three components that have been completed and are in the testing phase

Beam Releases Version 4.0 Desktop Wallet with Atomic Exchange Added

Enjin is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet with a dApp browser that supports Ethereum, the Bitcoin, Litecoin, ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 tokens

Added the ability to validate Equihash PoW in an ethereum contract, enabling interaction with Zcash [6] Verification and atomic trading

Since this is a cross-scenario application, it may be related to cross-chain technology, i.e. atomic exchange and cross-chain protocols. In the Findora project, for example, Findora itself would have a public network, but there could be many more Small private networks, such as permission-based networks. These private networks are connectable to Findora public chains, although each blockchain may use a different consensus algorithm, but it is still possible to transfer assets between chains because we use atomic exchange technology to make the cross-chain more seamless.

Atomic level exchange is a type of cryptocurrency transaction that is either fully executed or fully aborted. The most common implementation of atomic exchange technology for most bitcoins is the use of a hash time lock contract (HTLC). This contract locks the funds until one party presents the key or the lock period expires. Users can increase their channel balance by executing Submarine Swaps, a type of swap in the An atomic exchange between the underlying holdings and the bitcoins stored on the Lightning Network channel. With this technique, the total amount of money locked in the lightning network remains the same, but the total balance of the user's money increases

- atomic switching technology

EIP-152: Adding Equihash PoW (Zcash) for validation within ethereum contracts (PoW) functionality, enabling relay transactions between Zcash and ethereum and the possibility of atomic swap transactions

40 million USDTs were transferred from Tether Treasury wallets to the Fire Currency Exchange. Alert data shows that around 7:41 GMT on June 02, 40 million USDTs were released from the The Tether Treasury wallet goes to an unknown address beginning with TQN3Fd, which will then be 40 million USDT were transferred to the Fire Currency Exchange. At current prices, the value is approximately $40,458,200. The transaction hash is. 5c96f4970ebc3b9a03c55c8e8625ea64db3989ca86cbfd5318ca11f62ea0d296

atomic wallet tether

The question then arises, what is the purpose of this "atomic bomb", Bitcoin, to "deter"?

Add the ability to validate Equihash PoW in ethereum contracts. This will enable relay and atomic swap transactions between Zcash and ethereum.

We have been advocating the use of multi-signature wallets for over six years due to their strong security and strong authentication features. However, we are always evaluating new advances in encryption technology, and in recent months, a new technology called multiparty computing (MCA) has been introduced. -party computation (MPC) is often cited for its new technology. Multi-party computing provides the basis for Shamir』s Secret Sharing (SSS). Some wallet providers argue that multi-party computing may be a more secure and easier-to-use alternative to multi-signature technology. . In this paper, we describe multiparty computing and how it differs from multi-signature wallet security. We believe that multi-party computing can provide utility when used in conjunction with multi-signature technology, but we do not believe that it is currently a viable alternative to multi-signature wallet security. Wise alternatives to multiple signature technology

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