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In addition to being completely overtaken in number of DAPPs by the Ethereum ecosystem, both EOS and Wavefield have drawn criticism for the proliferation of "betting DAPPs," Even security agency PeckShield has found that of the nearly 500,000 users of EOS, nearly 120,000 accounts for the Group-controlled accounts, which account for 39% of the total, and only 37% of the actual active users

On March 5 of this year, London-based company Provable Things deployed pTokens to the main ethereum network. Users holding Bitcoin can issue pBTC tokens based on the ERC777 standard by integrating the Kyber Network and Bancor Network to achieve full interoperability with Bitcoin. on April 26. Provable Things has also announced the release of pBTC on the EOS blockchain, allowing bitcoin holders to The entire EOS ecosystem, including the use of BTC in all DApps

Exchange 24H Charge is calculated by collecting data from the wallet addresses, in-chain transfers and outgoing transfers of the 50 trading platforms on the leaderboard. And come. A total of five major currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, EOS, XRP, etc., you can click in to see the details of transferring in and out! Time, quantity, etc.

The top 10 DApps with the most page comments are: CryptoKitties, Kyber Network, Endless Games, WINk, EOS Bet, Ethermon , EOS Knights, IDEX, Newdex, Trust Dice. CryptoKittes currently has the highest number of reviews, 727 in total, making it number one. It is followed by Ethermon, Kyber Network and Decentraland. The number of comments is over 100.

For example, EOS DApps can't run on ETH's underlying layer, just as Android apps can't run on iOS. You can experience the decentralized financial MakerDAO on ETH in your wallet, experience it in EOSRacing Start the game and win EOS rewards, or mine the coin hunting pool on IOST.

EOS Lynx is a crypto wallet with dApps Explorer

Scatter wallets transitioned from plug-in wallets to client-side, with an early incomprehensible user experience that lagged far behind domestic wallets. Today the Scatter team has almost stopped maintaining it. The main network account threshold for new users has prevented an unknown number of people, and without the domestic wallet optimization of the EOS registration threshold, also Not so much the EOS story. Wallets congratulate EOS far more than EOS supports wallets

Again, from the horizontal comparison of DAPP chains, DAPP is divided into wavefield chain, ETH chain, EOS chain, IOST chain , NEO chains, ONT chains, etc. Among the DAPPs developed based on these public chains, the wavefield, ETH and EOS chains are very active, while the other chains are not Within the context of the considerations here, those interested in DAPP can follow it for themselves

Kaplan: It's normal for bears to be disappointed and leave because of the price, but EOS is currently either Block.one The development of the bottom layer, the upper layer of the wallet and the DApp ecosystem, has not been left behind. So, EOS will definitely advance to the next round of industry upswing and gather a bigger ecological and consensus!

PeckShield Security The team has exposed dozens of similar cases including PlusToken, TokenStore, EOS Eco and other The financial wallet scams all confirm this

Clearly, the EOS DApp ecosystem is not evolving well, with no standout DApps or ETH-like Such DeFi apps, the current EOS ecosystem is still mostly marginal Dapps, such as spinach apps

FCoin hot wallet with original EOS and other tokens to the new address, currently no token transfer out!

Paytomat currently offers three different payment methods

HyperMate is a hardware wallet that supports multi-currency support in the industry. , BCH, LTC, EOS, HC, QTUM, and ERC-20 and QRC-20 compliant tokens. Many hardware wallets only support a few major currencies, but users cannot use other currencies, so HyperMate this Highly anticipated by users

Now that you've seen how the wallet simplifies the complexity of dapps, let's look at how the dapps between the interactions

EIDOS blew up and EOS collapsed. Unlike Ethereum, EOS transactions do not require a gas fee, but consume a certain amount of resources when transferring money between users consumes CPU computing resources (CPU). EIDOS relies on frequent transfers to grip the wool, which results in 100% CPU usage in the EOS network. The other DAPPs on EOS are almost down and the servers are jammed.

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