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First update the ZB app wallet to version 4.2.0, otherwise it won't work later. At the time I wrote the article, the price of EOS on ZB exchange is 2.33 USDT and the price of Firecoin is 2.32 USDT, the difference between the two exchanges is 0.01U, which can be moved

Node 3, on the other hand, is the central banker, and it is useful to actually use it as a child node under node 0 in experiments

In the wallet's EOS interface, users can see the EOS key addresses and accounts they have created, as well as the corresponding EOS keys for each account. EOS token balance and resource information.At the bottom of the EOS interface is the history of transactions. In the transaction history area, users can search for EOS token transactions and resource management transactions.

In this regard, Beehive Finance got in touch with the person in charge of the Kushin wallet, who regretted that it was "untraceable": the EOS account is based on the "EOS" account. Public key creation, the public key is in the cold wallet, which is not networked, so there is no ID tied to the creation, so it is not possible at all to traceability

For example, a "trimmed" node can now be launched immediately from the setup process, making it easy for users with limited disk space. Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 also includes a partially signed Bitcoin A new feature of the Transaction (PSBT) protocol, which is useful for multi-signature and CoinJoin transactions. Similarly, there are some improvements in the area of wallet descriptors, which are particularly useful for programmers dealing with Bitcoin applications.Bitcoin The Core 0.19.0 node will also accept and relay transactions using future versions of SegWit to ensure that the upcoming The incoming upgrade will go smoothly.

Gnosis: an ethereum-based prediction marketplace, organizer of the DappCon event and Berlin's leading blockchain One of the launch projects of co-working space Full Node. (Together with Cosmos, Full Node was established in Berlin in 2018, attracting the Raidon Network, 0x, Centrifuge, and other projects have moved in, and are gradually evolving into the home base of the Berlin Ethernet project. (almost 90% are project technical developers). 2015 Gnosis as part of Consensys Started off as the first team to deploy Prediction Market Dapp on ethereum. completed its ICO in April 2017. Currently there is a team of 50 people. The team, as an early ethereum eco-project, has done different things to predict the lack of liquidity in the market and the efficiency of ethereum itself. Attempts, including the decentralized exchange DutchX, the multi-signature wallet Multisig, and the double-verified software wallet Gnosis Safe, etc.

According to Libra officials, the Libra Association released its first project roadmap on October 2, detailing the team's plans Development path prior to the launch of the main Libra network. In the first phase, the Libra Association expects to invite five partners to deploy full nodes on the network, Libra Wallet Development Team Calibra will play an important role in node operations. the Libra main network will be ready by the end of phase 4 of the roadmap. launch, at which point 100 partners are expected to run the full node, while Calibra withdraws from its dominant role as a Common Node Presence. All nodes will use a hybrid architecture of local servers and cloud hosting, providing Libra with greater resilience against disasters

The wallet where FCoin stored EOS also moved it to a new address.

Cryptocurrency exchange DragonEx released an announcement that its platform wallet had been hacked, causing users and the platform's digital Assets were stolen from more than 20 mainstream digital assets, including BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, TRX, etc., with total Losses in excess of $6 million

For example, the most obvious one is the white paper. Usually in a white paper there's a plan for the next year or two for the project, which might be broken down into several points in time. Each node promises to do something, such as when the browser goes live, when the main network goes live, when the wallet, mining pools Go online, etc.

Crypto Briefing, an overseas blockchain media outlet, followed up on the story, reporting that "EOS Ecology" claimed that it had a relationship with the EOS SuperNode Starteos connection. The information obfuscation stems from an initiative by Starteos from 2018: the EOS block producer created a Auction platform for EOS users to create accounts ending with ".io" using the Starteos platform will appear as a link to the block pool, and the "EOS Eco" address "w.io" will link directly to EOS Eco.

This new version of Wanchain Desktop Light Wallet supports cross-chain transfers in several major currencies, including BTC, ETH and EOS, and eco-tokens on ETH and EOS-based networks

According to Crypto Briefing on April 21, encrypted wallet app EOS Ecology (EOS (Ecology) Ecology is shutting down and many users are reporting that they are no longer able to withdraw coins. As of this writing, the total amount of coins that cannot be withdrawn has reached about 200,000 EOS tokens. So far people are questioning the project or a scam. Previously, EOS Ecology attracted investors with high return rates and also claimed that with the EOS super node Starteos There is a link. Because EOS Ecology can be linked directly to the EOS account name suffix "w.io". In response, the Starteos marketing manager said that the first time he heard about the project was in January 2020 and that it had been launched in March The announcement clarified that it was not associated with the project. Regarding account names, Starteos explained that due to the account address creation mechanism, EOS users can create accounts ending with " . io" at the end of an account. Bidding on the name and registering it is a normal process, but the scammers will tell newbies that "since the name is generated by .io, this means that w.io is part of Starteos". In addition the chain data shows that the approximately 200,000 EOS tokens that users cannot withdraw, i.e. EOS ecological w.io address funds have been primarily Transfer to account names "huobidevice1", "huobidevice2"," The "huobidevice3" and "huobidevice5" addresses. Each account was created by "coldlaregist". The total amount of EOS tokens in all related accounts is $50,949,954.35. Most of the funds are held on huobidevice3 and huobidevice5. At the same time, the media has already posted articles questioning the "EOS Ecology" as a money tray project and claiming that the project has been branded as an EOS node. The banner amassed 17 million. (Note: Firecoin officials have previously clarified that huobidevice5 and huobidevice3 are not firecoins. Address.)

Fake Token Attack Fake Token Attack Attack), for tokens that are created using a generic creation template when creating official tokens. Each Token is identified only by a specific token, such as the official EOS Token identification The token is the "eosio.token" contract, and the identifying token for the wavefield's TRC10 is tokenid. The ERC20 in ethereum uses the contract address as an identifier. So there is a problem if the payees are not strict with the checksum when collecting on these Tokens These Token-specific markers, attacks can occur, and in the case of EOS, due to the official EOS The Token uses a contract to issue a Token called EOS, which marks the EOS itself as a The logo is the issuing account number "eosio.token", if the logo is not verified at the time of transfer. An attacker would be able to issue a Token called EOS with another account as well, counterfeiting the exchange or wallet. Recharge for real tokens. Exchanges and wallets are advised to remember to rigorously test all kinds of tokens and logos when processing transfers to prevent counterfeit attacks

With the development of the EOS ecosystem, there are fewer and fewer Chinese nodes among the top 21 super nodes, and some of the best foreign nodes are in China. Nodes have also entered the ranks of EOS super-nodes, such as EOS Nation, which focuses on EOS governance etc.

According to the four major public chains of ETH/EOS/TRON/IOST, the DApp Activity Ranking. DAppTotal Feb. 17 data show that over the past week, a comprehensive comparison of ETH, EOS, TRON, the DApp ecological profile of IOST's four public links: total users (units): ETH(285,049) TRON(63,024) EOS(26,210) IOST(4,188); total number of transactions ( pen): eos(262,572,804) iost(5,541,896) tron(2, 693,364) ETH (1,266,827); total transaction value (USD): EOS (170, 939,080) eth(110,107,769) tron(39,971,078) IOST (3,391,798); Top 3 DApps by number of users across four public links are. MillionMoney (ETH), Origin Protocol (ETH). Oasis Vault (ETH); Top 3 DApps by number of trades: EIDOS (EOS) , POW (EOS), iPirates (IOST); Top 3 DApps by transaction value are. Newdex (EOS), Maker (ETH), CDP Portal (ETH)

How to withdraw EOS from the exchange to your wallet

The EOS account is recovered through multi-signature proposal in EOS account trading.

To keep the entire Bitcoin blockchain on your hard drive and stay connected at all times is something you usually can't do on your mobile device. The good news is that with some configuration, we can use our home node even when we're on the go. The best one to use here is Electrum Personal Server, which is an easy-to-install The package that can be installed on your bitcoin node. You can then run the Electrum wallet on your laptop or phone and connect it to your home node (possibly via Tor )

Let's take a look at the EOS wallet, and while the price of EOS doesn't deliver, there are still plenty of down-to-earth things to do in the ecosystem, such as TokenPocket, which has been plowing into the EOS wallet, still does a more professional and perfect function. Users can use code scanning when transferring money, can be like WeChat Alipay for encryption-free micropayments, and can use fingerprint recognition instead. TP wallet password, you can also transfer money regularly, and when you have more EOS accounts, you can also put other EOS The small assets in your wallet are consolidated in a single EOS account with a single click, and for quick access between different tokens, you can use a single token. The exchange, and also the use of its flashing function, etc., are all very user-friendly!

While on the EOS Main Network, the EOS system is mapped based on the ETHs of users who participated in the EOS crowdfunding effort. We call this group of accounts EOS Genesis accounts, and according to statistics, EOS Genesis There are 100,000+ accounts.

Zap Wallet Sync Node Interface

Yesterday, a story about EOS blew up in the community: the EOS New York said that 6 EOS nodes are controlled by the same node, which is currently the 52nd ranked EOShenzhen node.

Let's go back to UTXO, which is actually everything that is not yet referenced by an input in an existing transaction. of the set of outputs. Simply put, if the output of one transaction has not yet been referenced by a hash pointer to another transaction (that has been confirmed), i.e. the The full node of the Bitcoin blockchain tracks All valid UTXOs in the entire blockchain network, form a UTXO set and save it. and dynamic updates. The occurrence of any transaction related to Bitcoin implies a change in the UTXO collection, which triggers a change in the full node UTXO set update. When we say that a user's wallet received a Bitcoin transfer, it's actually the wallet that identified one in the blockchain The UTXO that corresponds to the account key, which the account's private key can sign and use as the The premise of transaction input constructs a new transaction. The balance of Bitcoin held in an account in a wallet is the balance of all the Bitcoins the wallet has collected in its blockchain ledger that can be used by that account. Collection of accounts "spent" by UTXO

EOS to WEOS, Wanchain wallet supports one-click cross-chaining

Since the light wallet cannot verify payments, there is a possibility that the wallet receives a transaction when a trusted node is malicious or a connection is blocked. A situation where a transaction is linked but the actual transaction is not, resulting in a loss to the user. To further reduce this possibility, light node technology is gaining attention. Light nodes are also known as SPV nodes, where SPV stands for "Simplified Payment Vehicle". Abbreviation for "Verification" (simple payment verification). This concept is briefly mentioned in the Satoshi Nakamoto paper: payments can be verified without running the full node, the user just needs to save all the The block header will do just fine. The user can't verify the transaction himself, but if he can find a matching transaction from somewhere in the block header, he will know that the network has The deal was approved and confirmed by how many of the networks'

I taught him hands on how to download various wallets, bitcoin wallets, ethereum wallets, EOS ERC20 token wallets, SC Wallets, etc.; how to back up a private key; how to restore a private key on another computer; how to issue and receive coins. I also talked about what was coming with the BTC Isolation Witness and the Great Block Split, and how to collect BCC (when BCH was the (Call BCC). Worked all day. Download Wallet - Backup Wallet - Receive Coins - Send Coins - Restore Wallet - Send Coins" twice while I watched him do it all himself! "After the complete operation, he gave me 2,000 yuan for tuition and flew back to Beijing. Only two days later, I got a call from him, very frustrated. Without backing up his private key, he had deleted the wallet files from his computer and emptied the trash, which contained 240,000 EOS (it was still ERC20 tokens). Asked if I had any way to recover it. His computer is an Apple Mac air, SSD drive, MacOS. He was willing to pay me 40,000 EOS after the recovery. i suggested he get a new mac and repeat what he went through to delete the wallet file. The process, then go to a data recovery company to recover it. If you can recover, then take the computer that really lost 240,000 EOS to recover. The result, of course, is 240,000 EOS really lost.SSD hard drive accidentally deleted data, the probability of recovery is almost zero. In September 2017, the price of EOS dropped to over $3. I say, go buy back 240,000 EOS at $3.50. Think of it as losing 840,000 RMB instead of 240,000 EOS. crypto-digital currencies meet in China on September 4, 2017 Strong policy blocking. He's been scolded by his dad for already being so disillusioned with the currency world that not only did he not buy EOS, he liquidated all of his coins. I just once accidentally peeked into his cloud coin account. Three digit bitcoin, lots of ethereum, 4 digit quantum chain, n-digit SC, .... He lost at least 10 million RMB on the currency.

According to the degree of decentralization of the wallet, the wallet can be divided into full node wallet, light node wallet, and centralized wallet.

imToken, the world's leading blockchain wallet, provides a trusted service to millions of users to help you manage bitcoin securely. , ethereum, ATOM, EOS, TRX, CKB, BCH, LTC and other assets, and Support for Coin Exchange and DApp Browser

Kushin Pro3 hardware wallet currently supports BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, and DOGE. , BTG, XRP, XEM, BCX, SBTC, BCD, QTUM, EOS, ACT, ERC- 20, IPC, GOD, and other currencies, the Kushin Pro3 is the more numerous of the four hardware wallets in terms of volume

For example, EOS DApps can't run on ETH's underlying layer, just as Android apps can't run on iOS. You can experience the decentralized financial MakerDAO on ETH in your wallet, experience it in EOSRacing Start the game and win EOS rewards, or mine the coin hunting pool on IOST.

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