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exodus wallet eos unavailable, Copay wallet transaction history unavailable?

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I taught him hands on how to download various wallets, bitcoin wallets, ethereum wallets, EOS ERC20 token wallets, SC Wallets, etc.; how to back up a private key; how to restore a private key on another computer; how to issue and receive coins. I also talked about what was coming with the BTC Isolation Witness and the Great Block Split, and how to collect BCC (when BCH was the (Call BCC). Worked all day. Download Wallet - Backup Wallet - Receive Coins - Send Coins - Restore Wallet - Send Coins" twice while I watched him do it all himself! "After the complete operation, he gave me 2,000 yuan for tuition and flew back to Beijing. Only two days later, I got a call from him, very frustrated. Without backing up his private key, he had deleted the wallet files from his computer and emptied the trash, which contained 240,000 EOS (it was still ERC20 tokens). Asked if I had any way to recover it. His computer is an Apple Mac air, SSD drive, MacOS. He was willing to pay me 40,000 EOS after the recovery. i suggested he get a new mac and repeat what he went through to delete the wallet file. The process, then go to a data recovery company to recover it. If you can recover, then take the computer that really lost 240,000 EOS to recover. The result, of course, is 240,000 EOS really lost.SSD hard drive accidentally deleted data, the probability of recovery is almost zero. In September 2017, the price of EOS dropped to over $3. I say, go buy back 240,000 EOS at $3.50. Think of it as losing 840,000 RMB instead of 240,000 EOS. crypto-digital currencies meet in China on September 4, 2017 Strong policy blocking. He's been scolded by his dad for already being so disillusioned with the currency world that not only did he not buy EOS, he liquidated all of his coins. I just once accidentally peeked into his cloud coin account. Three digit bitcoin, lots of ethereum, 4 digit quantum chain, n-digit SC, .... He lost at least 10 million RMB on the currency.

The RiveX Wallet, a one-stop dApps app store, is one of the project's most important products. By integrating dApp applications on protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Wavefield, etc., to bring together and draw from different ecologies' Users. RiveX has now integrated the world's first cross-chain DEX app (WRDEX) into the RiveX wallet

As the EOS ecosystem continues to grow, voting with your EOS wallet is becoming more and more convenient, and the forms of voting are becoming richer and richer! The introduction of REX has led to an increase in EOS master node turnout, and even some EOS nodes have introduced voting Rebate campaign, participate in the vote not only contribute to the ecology, but also can get the vote rewards, EOS node voting rate! Rising further, the threshold for votes for a super node becomes higher and higher, with the current threshold for an EOS super node being 3.1 This means that in order to be elected as an EOS super node, a node needs to receive at least 310 million EOS of ballot paper

Access to such data is possible because, unlike traditional supply chains, where each counterparty retains own transaction history, while GrainChain consists of a single network of 46 nodes, each of which is Could help the group reach consensus on a shared transaction history

Bitcoin addresses are the unique information needed to define the distribution and transmission endpoints of bitcoins. These addresses are generated anonymously by the user's wallet. However, once an address is used, all transaction history associated with it breaks the confidentiality of the address.

The Block Browser is a specialized portal for searching blockchain information. Through the block browser, you can search transaction history, check the progress of transfers, or look up the wallet address to get the Balance, transaction details, and other information. In addition to this basic information, most block browsers also provide visual statistical infographics

From what I've observed, no. The EOS wallet thing is too chickenshit for outsiders to use. The entire blockchain system plus the legal environment has also all but truncated most of the outsiders

A screenshot of an on-chain transaction shows that on March 2 this year, the w.io wallet address of the "EOS ecology" had been sent to the PlusToken's main account, eospstotoken, transferred 334 EOS; on March 23, w .io turned another 300 EOS.

When using a contract wallet, end-users are able to use only the key on their device, thanks to the co-signature feature integrated into the wallet. to sign a transaction, indicate their intent to make a transaction, and send that transaction to a co-signer or forwarder, usually a wallet. service provider), which forwards the transaction and bears the Gas fee. For example, calling invokeN ...() method, what actually happens is like what we're talking about here.

Alipay wallets are centralized, with Ali as a credit endorsement and confirmation of all transaction information. Cryptocurrency wallets can be categorized as centralized wallets (endorsed by a central authority), light wallets (only synchronize transaction information related to themselves) The decentralization of the wallet, the full node wallet (synchronization of all transaction information), and their decentralization in order of increasing degree

Last October, HTC debuted its blockchain phone Exodus 1, which was only accepting cryptocurrency payments, or 0.15 BTC/4.78 ETH, which translates to about 6,700 yuan at the time. Currently, HTC officially shows the Exodus 1 for $699, which is about $4,894.

The company's digital currency, called Link, has been in use since 2018, but due to regulatory requirements in its native Japan Unavailable to both the Japanese market and US users

Total number of transactions and transaction history for this wallet address

The vast majority of today's smart contract wallets use Gas Relay for commission delegation. Instead of depositing Ether directly into the user's smart contract wallet to pay the transaction fee, the user can sign a message to do so. The transaction is relayed (the relay will pack that message into the transaction and then send that transaction as the sender). Since the user's account is actually a smart contract, both of these methods work as long as the wallet can verify the contract call

For some businesses with trading advantages, such as the financial wallet made by the quantitative team, if the profits are distributed to the users, the profits can be Slightly higher, but for the EOS ecological model of depositing coins to generate interest, users deposit coins to help nodes to vote, and nodes get additional issuance through the exit block The EOS, which is then distributed to the voting users

exodus wallet eos unavailable

Download a wallet to purchase BTC creates a channel to successfully send (or receive) a transaction.

If a user makes a transaction on the lightning network and then uses the history prior to that transaction to close the transaction, then from the Theoretically, they could have regained access to the funds and completed the transaction if the protections had not been implemented

Proof of data availability that allows guests to detect when the block body in which their block header is located is unavailable

Such times are unavailable and equally unprogressive.

After the transaction information is prepared, the transaction is validated by C's wallet (UTXO is valid, signature is valid, input/output amount is valid). etc.), after broadcasting the transaction to the Bitcoin network, the mining node verifies the transaction and packages the transaction (crediting the transaction to Bitcoin (in the block) and broadcast to the Bitcoin network, the transaction is completed

Proof of data availability that allows guests to detect when the block body in which their block header is located is unavailable

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