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FCoin hot wallet with original EOS and other tokens to the new address, currently no token transfer out!

inflation of the EOS network at 1%, and that this additional EOS is only used to maintain the EOS blockchain. That is, all of it is released to EOS nodes. So, what other funds are available in the EOS system?

Mainstream: There are BTC, ETH, EOS, etc., which are the most widely heard, technically and in terms of community form, these mainstream coins are very complete. Each wallet or exchange is also the best supported

EOS Wallet FAQs

In Wanchain Light Wallet, the user first needs to create the key in the wallet and then use the EOS The Jungle Testnet website creates an EOS account and finally associates the EOS account to the Wanchain private key created by the light wallet

However, by this stage, the entire EOS ecosystem is suffering from network congestion caused by the EIDOS token drop, which Meaning that many wallets with only a small number of EOS holdings will no longer be able to access the EOS blockchain. The combination of these factors resulted in EOS Knights having less than one active standalone wallet per month at the end of 2019 1,000

As presented in Figure 5, on November 06, EIDOS-related operations consumed a total CPU resource of 56%. Users stopped mortgaging EOS to the REX platform when they couldn't afford the higher CPU price. Instead, they started leasing CPU/NET resources on the platform. In particular, the top 5 EIDOS miners have leased millions of EOS-equivalent CPU resources. Perversely, these head mining service providers rented massive amounts of CPUs before the airdrop started, which allowed them to Leased relatively inexpensive CPUs (one EOS can lease CPU resources for 3000 EOSs), and (renewable for 30 days)

Because I often use the wallet on eos, this section of the wallet is quite convenient, so I'll mention it to my friends who need it. But wallet otc, there is still room for development, for example, there are not enough currencies that can be traded directly now, it is not particularly convenient.

Last year Singapore cryptocurrency exchange DragonEx lost about $7 million worth of bitcoin to a hacker attack , EOS, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies, the exchange was quick to react and took to social The network published the attack and also made public their list of 20 wallet addresses for other cryptocurrency exchanges to tag These wallet addresses and freeze the accounts associated with them, effectively stopping hackers from transferring funds.

When the wallet starts, a reminder pops up to upgrade to version 1.1.1, please do not upgrade as the upgraded version will not work! Conducting tests of EOS cross-chain transactions

Blockstack Auth uses public key cryptography for authentication. A user logs into an application that generates and stores signed data that can be read and verified by other users. This data, and proves to other users that the logged-in user is legitimate

The EUA (EOS User Agreement) currently used by the EOS community is the result of the EOS New York drafted and completed. For the on-chain governance of EOS, in "The Missing Pieces of the EOS Incentive Model," EOS New York York elaborated on his solution, along the following lines

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