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eos app wallet, Ledger Blocking Release of Second EOS App

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Flexacoin (FXC) to release Flexa app on May 13

It accused Google of censoring cryptocurrency content in a variety of ways, including blocking ad campaigns, downloading content from Google Play Removal of encryption-related apps from the app store, and removal or restriction of access to cryptocurrency information

From the point of view of convenience, EOS transfers are free, but on top of the "complex operations" that already require dictionaries. In addition to this, we have also added a new feature of generating wallet names for a fee, and a new feature of pledging network resources such as CPU and memory for use. The complicated operation is definitely blocking the DApp To C road completely. I can't imagine how such a portal app can be widely promoted to the general public!

EOS has yet to appear as a storage DEX, but sidechain DEX has appeared but the volume is also minimal. Only some projects that generate stable coins by pledging EOS have emerged, but they are not large enough or influential enough to support the The Defi ecosystem, and of course EOS' own Rex is the biggest Defi app on EOS!

We believe that Zuckerberg's series of "de-RMB" and "China cards" are a reflection of the regulatory environment Libra is currently facing. pressure. Indeed, following the release of the white paper, regulatory authorities around the world were generally cautious about Libra, with some countries even Take a stand on the strict blocking of Libra

More details on messaging app Telegram's Gram tokens and the TON network along with Grams Wallet wallet terms of service surface with announcement

In response, security firm PeckShield's preliminary analysis says that the continued popularity of EIDOS has led users to rent EOS The demand for griping has increased dramatically and a large number of users have consumed the EOS in the REX pool, resulting in a smaller volume of mortgage EOS than leasing and selling. of demand. This has further led to the blocking of options for normal participation in DApp through REX leasing of inexpensive CPUs, further expanding the demand for the Impact of EOS main network blockage

EOS gives everyone access to blockchain's killer app

"EOS-USDT should be a tool for these killer apps, not be a killer app itself," Zizen said

The overall market although partial finishing trend, but does not mean that the market is stabilized, still need to pay attention to the risk of the second waterfall; Zhou Xiaochuan: global Digital currencies need a global central bank-like institution; EOS Voice scheduled for release on February 14 next year Voice test version

This new version of the wallet supports multi-currency management (currently including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and WAN, as well as a new version of the wallet based on the (Ecotokens on Ethernet, EOS and WAN networks)

Tron to launch TronLink wallet app on April 9 (Tron launched 6 months ago) (Tronlink Chrome)

Trusted Cloud sends a request to the player's Enjin Wallet App to remove this sword

eos app wallet

On April 22, a victim of the EOS ecological scam was reported to the Shenzhen Taoyuan Police Station in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, where, according to his report, the In March 2020, I came across the EOS eco-app through MySpace and was constantly brainwashed and guided by referrals from the The exchange purchases EOS and tops up the EOS ecological account, at which time the platform promises to return 1.5 EOS per day, three years later. Fivefold return

According to DappRadar, the overall 24-hour EOS DApp activity has picked up slightly. The game EOS Dynasty has 2.9k 24-hour users, a change of -0.41% from yesterday; the trading app Newdex's 24-hour active users at 2k, +36.32% change from yesterday; guessing app Dice's 24 2k hourly active users, -5.09% change from yesterday; 24 hourly active users for data app Lumeos 1.2k, +0.17% change from yesterday

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