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Last year, the exchange acquired wallet provider Trust Wallet, blockchain data startup DappReview, Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX, and derivatives trading platform JEX

The most criticized aspects of EOS are that the 21 super nodes are "not decentralized enough" and that the nodes are too centrally ranked. Especially since REX is online, the vote distribution has become more concentrated. As the number of Staking pools grows, the likelihood of inter-node voting increases, and the Chinese team-run EOS nodes account for more than two-thirds of all nodes. The problem of node ranking has become one of the most pressing issues for EOS

EOS gives Staking a low nominal yield, not suitable for short-term investing

Last year Singapore cryptocurrency exchange DragonEx lost about $7 million worth of bitcoin to a hacker attack , EOS, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies, the exchange was quick to react and took to social The network published the attack and also made public their list of 20 wallet addresses for other cryptocurrency exchanges to tag These wallet addresses and freeze the accounts associated with them, effectively stopping hackers from transferring funds.

On November 9, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase noted that the EOS blockchain was blocked by the EIDOS airdrop

The EUA (EOS User Agreement) currently used by the EOS community is the result of the EOS New York drafted and completed. For the on-chain governance of EOS, in "The Missing Pieces of the EOS Incentive Model," EOS New York York elaborated on his solution, along the following lines

Wavefield (TRX) rallies past ETH, EOS on 7 days, market capitalization hits 10th place on cryptocurrency chart

Scatter wallets transitioned from plug-in wallets to client-side, with an early incomprehensible user experience that lagged far behind domestic wallets. Today the Scatter team has almost stopped maintaining it. The main network account threshold for new users has prevented an unknown number of people, and without the domestic wallet optimization of the EOS registration threshold, also Not so much the EOS story. Wallets congratulate EOS far more than EOS supports wallets

With the EOS-based social networking product Voice coming out of beta (first to the US on February 14), what do you think will happen to the market? How has it been affected and can EOS be bought now?

eos cryptocurrency wallet

Original article: cryptocurrency wallet panorama overview: ecosystem, user interface and latest developments

Wanchain test network successfully integrates EOS across chains! wEOS tokens are the first tokens that EOS has successfully integrated across chains! Mapped tokens on Wanchain are freely available for cross-chain trading scenarios. Users can manage native EOS accounts directly on Wanchain Light Wallet, including CPU, NET and RAM, and visualize it via wallet for cross-chain transfers from EOS to wEOS.

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