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According to Cointelegraph on April 23, the cryptographic trading platform Bittrex Global Announced the availability of credit and debit card services to an additional 125 countries. Users can make deposits in French currency and make transactions directly with their Visa cards. Previously, in March, Bittrex Global had only launched the service for UK, German, French and Dutch customers first.

Kaplan: It's normal for bears to be disappointed and leave because of the price, but EOS is currently either Block.one The development of the bottom layer, the upper layer of the wallet and the DApp ecosystem, has not been left behind. So, EOS will definitely advance to the next round of industry upswing and gather a bigger ecological and consensus!

The HyperMate hardware wallet currently supports BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, LTC, HC,... QTUM, USDT (ERC-20), ERC-20, QRC-20, EOS tokens and other currencies, and will be Continued support for more digital currencies

According to Cointelegraph, Bittrex, a subsidiary of cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex In an email to Venezuelan customers, International announced that it would stop on October 29th for subscribers s accounts and trading access, asking them to withdraw funds from the exchange before that date. According to the official announcement, Bittrex International will stop trading on a total of 31 Services, including Venezuela, Afghanistan, Egypt, etc.

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[Bittrex Exchange goes live with MOF today] According to the Bittrex announcement, Bittrex on March 18 The MOF/USDT trading market opened at 12:00 (UTC+8) and has been opened at 8:00 (UTC+8) on the same day Open MOF charge and withdraw business. It is reported that Molecular Future (MOF) is a global one-stop digital asset investment service platform, which adopts stable and secure blockchain technology. The company is connected to the global financial quantification team to provide users with efficient and convenient financial services.

The five exchanges are Bitfinex, Kraken, Bitstamp, Bittrex. Coinbase Pro

Following the closure of Bittrex International in Malta, Bittrex is to Liechtenstein continues to operate under the Bittrex Global brand. The exchange said

Let's take a look at the EOS wallet, and while the price of EOS doesn't deliver, there are still plenty of down-to-earth things to do in the ecosystem, such as TokenPocket, which has been plowing into the EOS wallet, still does a more professional and perfect function. Users can use code scanning when transferring money, can be like WeChat Alipay for encryption-free micropayments, and can use fingerprint recognition instead. TP wallet password, you can also transfer money regularly, and when you have more EOS accounts, you can also put other EOS The small assets in your wallet are consolidated in a single EOS account with a single click, and for quick access between different tokens, you can use a single token. The exchange, and also the use of its flashing function, etc., are all very user-friendly!

The whole process does not involve human manipulation by the exchange, and by running on-chain patterns Newdex occupies the head of the EOS chain The location of the exchange. Since the transaction process is all on the chain, even if the platform encounters server maintenance, or even downtime, users can use the block The browser to check the flow of assets, without the need to withdraw the steps also let assets in time to the wallet, your own assets to make their own decisions!

At the end of 2018 when the EOS DApp explosion hit, the price of CPU resources skyrocketed, and at that time, the There are many services that pay RMB for CPU resources, which greatly improves the user experience. What kind of solution will EOS public chain and wallet applications propose this time?

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