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QuarkChain's mainnet "Go" language version is online and open source as scheduled.

In the wallet's EOS interface, users can see the EOS key addresses and accounts they have created, as well as the corresponding EOS keys for each account. EOS token balance and resource information.At the bottom of the EOS interface is the history of transactions. In the transaction history area, users can search for EOS token transactions and resource management transactions.

I taught him hands-on how to download various wallets, Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, ERC20 token wallet from EOS, SC Wallets, etc.; how to back up your private key; how to restore your private key on another computer; how to issue and receive coins. I also talked about what was coming with the BTC isolation witness and the big block split, and how to collect BCC (when BCH was the (called BCC)

In addition to the EOS wallet, some great EOS block browsers, and the EOS decentralized exchange Newdex and the Whale Exchange, both of which play an important role in the development of the EOS ecosystem, are users of the EOS community. The most used items, but none of them have been rewarded

mainnet eos wallet

Among the current EOS super-nodes, more than two-thirds are operated by Chinese teams, and even the top ranked The alternate nodes are also mostly controlled by Chinese teams. Coupled with the existence of alliance voting between nodes, the threshold of EOS super nodes is constantly being raised, and the gap between the head node and the standby node is constantly being raised. The gap is getting wider. As of today, the 21st place node has over 270 million votes, while the 34th place node has less than 100 million, the pattern of interest between EOS nodes has been very difficult to break down

Import the created account under the key as opposed to the Wanchain Light Wallet EOS interface.

In previous news, Block.one has announced that it will begin formal voting for BP on the EOS public blockchain. Block.One CEO BB: "We've outlined the criteria for this initial round of voting, highlighting over 50 BP's contribution to the EOS ecosystem. As we reduce the number of voting supporters and increase the number of tokens voted for, more standards will be generated. Part of this process is to connect with multiple parties for the first time so that we can have a dialogue about future standards."

According to EOS Nation, EOS's WPS is an eco-building incentive for the EOS main network that Enable EOS eco-developers and other value creators to apply for certain grants for their projects from the EOS blockchain

Binance Announces Support For $ Mainnet Mapping Binance Announces Support For $ COCOS Mainnet Token Swap

The new version supports the creation of a wallet.io account on top of the "Log in with Gate.io" account. Self-created accounts can be used to log in to Wallet.io and Wallet.io Pro (multi-signature wallet). Also, Wallet.io is newly online with ONE (Harmony), KAVA (Kava), RVN (Ravencoin) chain mainnet asset support, the only web and mobile app-wide platform to support these currencies today Decentralized wallet. Currently wallet.io supports BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, BCHSV, Tezos. Tron, ATOM, AE and almost all the major global blockchain assets, welcome to experience. Click me for more information

Instant 16.9345% turnout, EOS mainnet activation

Those who hold large amounts of EOS can be divided into two camps, those who need liquidity (trading) and those who are in need of long-term people who hold without needing liquidity. We can strengthen decentralization by giving greater voting weight to those who hold the EOS for longer periods of time

However, the benefits of staking can vary greatly from project to project, but the essence is still according to the Currency holdings exercise voting rights to get paid. For example, the maximum market capitalization that EOS can lock in through staking is approximately $2.8 billion, and if it is based on an annualized rate of 1.84% Calculated, this equates to an annual dividend payout of approximately $50 million plus

EOS mainnet boot in progress: functionally verified.

TokenPocket currently supports EOS Trio, EOSKnights, EOS Encryption Knights, Encryption The game has been popular for many years, including Sword and Sorcery and Crypto Legends. And in order to avoid the user experience DApp when the frequent switching wallet authorization operations, TP developed the MiniWallet mode, the user opens the MiniWallet mode, only one authorized operation, you can always stay in the game to conduct fun

BigONE announces world's first support for YAS mainnet and partnership with YAS project owners, allowing users to YAS Mainnet tokens are exchanged on YAS Mainnet. At present, BigONE has opened YAS Mainnet coin trading, YAS Mainnet recharge and withdrawal has also opened

Original article: Wanchain mainnet successfully integrates EOS across chains

Lone Yag: BM and the EOS NewYork team allegedly live close and have a good relationship. Before EOS went live on the main network, BM wanted to give rebate bonuses to Chinese nodes, but the idea was met by EOS NewYork's denial, the other side claimed that there was bribery on the Chinese node. So, BM then changed the rules so that nodes can't pay dividends on the chain. Also, after the EOS mainnet is online, it's mainly Chinese nodes that are supporting the

At the end of 2018 when the EOS DApp explosion hit, the price of CPU resources skyrocketed, and at that time, the There are many services that pay RMB for CPU resources, which greatly improves the user experience. What kind of solution will EOS public chain and wallet applications propose this time?

-Libra mainnet functional work: in order to make the mainnet functionalities complete, we have completed the design in all major functions, all The team is in execution mode.

The multi-threaded development route for EOS became more urgent when the CPU problems at EOS were exposed, and if EOS also developed 64 parallel chains, the CPU is naturally not an issue. eos was designed to be multi-threaded to begin with, but the eos team was in no hurry to Implementing multi-threading, currently they are still focused on single-chain performance and security, after all, the EOS mainnet is not long enough and can still Further improve single-chain performance and improve technical safety. When single-chain performance and safety are sufficient, multi-threading is the way to go.

Mainnet mapping is a process of public chain switching, and generally tokens are posted on other chains, such as EOS, before they go online on the mainnet. Before the main network went online, that is, the ERC20 tokens posted on ethereum, and after the main network went online, the ERC20 tokens that were previously in circulation were Replaced by EOS on the main chain

At 1302 GMT on November 27, 8628959 EOS from the Upbit EOS wallet address. Transfer to the Bittrex exchange; More than 152 million XLMs at around 1:55 GMT on November 27th Transfer from Upbit to Bittrex Exchange

[Total EOS mainnet accounts surpassed 1.9 million] According to DAppTotal, at 13:46 today. The total number of EOS mainnet accounts surpassed 1.9 million, and the 1.9 millionth account is: asunearnkori. since March. Nearly 100,000 new accounts have taken 42 days since crossing 1.8 million accounts on the 25th

USDT is currently the most used stable currency and is issued by Tata for a total of $4.027 billion in July 2019 on the EOS mainnet establishes account, only $250,000 issued, $1 trillion in total circulation, Oct. 4 Five million USDTs were issued, and the era of USDTs belonging to the EOS main network was upon us.

Some EOS users advocate permanent changes to the EOS voting system: a "one vote, one vote" policy would ensure that the voting system for individual block producers would be permanently changed. Votes have greater weight than votes for multiple block producers. Theoretically, this would effectively deter collusion and other forms of wrongdoing between nodes

On September 18, Firecoin Wallet announced an enhanced partnership with BigGame, a decentralized game developer, on premium games, with both BigGame's operations team will continue to promote the DApp ecosystem by leveraging their respective strengths in games and traffic. BigGame has become one of the most popular game platforms in the EOS ecosystem through a full year of unremitting efforts, said the streams. BG has entered into partnerships with major EOS wallets such as Firecoin Wallet, and will be releasing more in the future. Multi-quality games

EOS chain governance requires the efforts of all parties in the community, especially those organizations that have influence in the community and can use their own Resources to fuel mainnet voting

[EOS Nation: all nodes are now EOS VM enabled EOS networks will be faster] March 29. EOS Nation tweets that EOS VMs are enabled on all nodes, EOS networks will be faster

Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.One, also supported the purchase of the Voting, which he supports doing as he believes the vote rebate is simply a return of value to EOS token holders. Block.One is said to have a large number of EOS tokens and is perfectly capable of changing the composition of the voting structure, although they have so far been There has been no vote on governance participants. But it's likely that they will start participating in block voting this year. Brendan Brummer hinted at this in a tweet

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