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The size of the anonymous set is essentially a measure of anonymity. It shows how many more deposits are waiting to be withdrawn. In other words, how many commingled deposits could be the source of the Ether you want to withdraw? (Identify which deposit your withdrawal may correspond to)

User wants to transfer USDC, but doesn't have ETH in wallet to cover transaction fees.

Contracts like these from Compound may be subject to bank runs, most of which USDC is lending out, thus preventing the Lenders withdraw their positions. This will pull up USD's borrowing rates

Yesterday, there was an anomaly in Ether with a fee of 10,668 ETH and a transfer of only 0.55 ETH. The transfer, which has drawn widespread attention from the coin community, was made by a spokesperson for Bithumb, who said that the address to which the transaction was received belonged to the This 0.55 ETH has now been moved to a cold wallet for a client of the exchange

How to withdraw cash to the user, e.g. is it a transfer from a central wallet'?

Square Upbit Exchange hot wallet address to unknown address via a single transaction transferred over 340,000 ETH

Gemini is an American cryptocurrency exchange that is known for taking a conservative, regulatory-conscious approach to listing new assets. Gemini currently lists only five cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and Zcash. it's interesting that Gemini is taking a conservative approach to listing a new crypto asset that hasn't gone live yet Things that also indirectly illustrate the value of Filecoin's

In this paper, the Libra and its constituent currencies have exchange rates of "1 unit of Libra (or its constituent currency)". How much is the equivalent in USD", i.e. Libra/USD, EUR/USD, JPY/USD (a) The form of the "SDS", "GBP/USD" and "SGD/USD".

However, there is no shortage of individual lucky users, perhaps just a hundred times leverage on the right direction, make money, but also ready to all! Withdraw cash from the market

Gemini Releases January Independent Accountant's Report as of 2:42 EST January 31, 2020 PM, issued and outstanding Gemini dollar and Gemini dollar accounts with dollar balances of 4,303,800, an increase of about 550,100 from the 3,753,700 reported last December, ending the previous streak of Three-month decreasing trend

Despite the current sluggish market conditions, the top 100 Ether wallet addresses are increasing as a percentage of overall ETH supply

[3003 BTCs transferred from Gemini Exchange, worth $18.522 million] according to WhaleAlert data, 03/21/07:32 GMT, 3003 BTC from Gemini Exchange to an address beginning with 3Kzh9q, valued at approximately $18,522,000 at current prices. The transaction hash is. 951314b87442f5bab3935eb9d4c7234c7c5bea4c622352354643fbb28e3f8205

Who's Gemini?

Today, the number of exchanges that still haven't had a publicly reported security incident is in the minority, with only a handful of exchanges, such as Firecoin, in the country, and overseas Coinbase, Gemini and other exchanges. According to the official data of Firecoin, the total asset scale of Firecoin wallet has exceeded USD 10 billion, and mainstream investors are interested in Firecoin platform. Full trust in security. Specific to the security mechanism of Firecoin, Firecoin adopts hot and cold wallet isolation, multiple signatures, two-step verification, key preservation mechanism, external Initiatives such as password audit mechanisms

[Gemini will launch LINK, DAI and OXT on April 24] According to the official news, the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced today that it will launch Chainlink (LINK), Dai (DAI) on April 24. and Orchid (OXT), deposit service will open at 9:30 p.m. ET

April - Brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss founded Gemini. stock exchange

Rakuten Wallet 24, the cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, announced on 24 March that it is allowing Japanese users to send their Rakuten members' The points "Rakuten Super Points" can be exchanged for the three cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH and BCH for spot trading. The premise is that the holder of these loyalty points also has a Rakuten Wallet account.

Since ETH Denver launched Burner Wallet for hacking marathon participants to pay for food cards After the cost of the food truck, other activities began using wallets similar to the Burner Wallet

This means that their 330 million monthly active users will have an Ethereum wallet and a reason to interact with ETH every week to claim their tokens . If 10% of these users become monthly active ETH users, the destruction of 10,000 ETHs per year may It quickly turns into the destruction of 250,000 ETH per year, and that's just for the blockchain integration of a major service

Gemini announced in an April 9 blog post that it would be adding Dai (DAI), Chainlink ( (LINK) and Orchid (OXT) trading pairs. The addition of the new pairs will bring the total number of tradable tokens on the Gemini platform to 9

gemini transfering eth to wallet

Last week, there were 26 "50,000 ETH or more" transfers, with a maximum of 147,000 transfers. ETH; there was a transfer totaling 78,000 ETH to the Bitfinex exchange wallet address. Interchange; another 14 transfers were made to the Exchange from different addresses and the remaining transfers to unknown addresses

"When people are afraid, when there's a recession like that, they're going to withdraw their investments, and they're going to withdraw their investments in encrypted Investment in currencies." (Bitcoin Derivatives Trading Volume on March 12)

FShares Wallet introduces a new encryption method that uses private keys, mnemonics, Keystore Three encryption methods to ensure the safety of user assets. FShares Wallet is a mobile digital asset management platform that now fully supports Storage of mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, etc.

How to create an ETH wallet

Uncustodied, with management keys: the asset is hosted by the smart contract rather than the operator. Assets are potentially more vulnerable if someone (usually the developer of the contract) has the right to freeze, alter or withdraw assets from the contract. . For example, a previous version of Compound allowed management keys to withdraw user assets at will without a time lock. (But the Compound team didn't do that.)

According to the website information, Coinbase, Firecoin, Kraken, Bithumb, and Gemini, Bitfinex and other exchanges are not ready for this upgrade yet

JPMorgan Chase has been banking US exchanges Coinbase and Gemini since April

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