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At the same time, Jian mentioned that the main body of Ethereum 2.0 has two parts: consensus mechanism for proof of interest + slicing, splitting Phase 0, 1 and 2 are completed in three phases, with different objectives for different phases.

The first time these issues were taken seriously by core and community developers was at Devcon4, and the first time they were taken seriously was for the Current research in the direction of upgrading the ethereum protocol has been codenamed "ethereum 1.x". Recently, however, 1.x research has stalled as more and more people are shifting their interest to ethereum 2.0 - the Understandable. Eth 2.0 is more glamorous after all.

The long-awaited Istanbul hard fork - the final hard fork of Ethereum 1.0 has been successfully deployed. The Muir Glacier difficulty bombs delayed update is the most important.V God has released a block explorer to Proof stake beacon chains, and moving fast towards Ethereum 2.0. By 2020, Ethereum will cross stage 0 of 2.0, move to stage 1, and launch shard chains

"Phase 1 and Done" avoids most of the questions about the payment mechanism, since the payment mechanism The problem has been and will continue to be with previous proposals, so this proposal instead attempts to define the minimal changes needed to make Eth2.0 available over the long term, and hopes to find the answer as soon as possible. long term, and hopefully the answer will be found soon. There is also a proposal to pay for it through a contract on Ethereum 1.x (which the block proponents are providing on Ethereum 2.0). After processing the available data blocks, we then pay the proposer via a rollup contract on ethereum 1.x ); however, this is doubtful, as it would make the availability of ethereum 2.0 strongly dependent on ethereum 1.x

In addition, over the past week, Ethereum 1.X, Ethereum 2.0, and Layer 2 have also welcomed a number of technology make headway

[Foreign media: 2010 tweets prove Hal Finney isn't Satoshi Nakamoto] Cointelegraph tweets that a 2010 tweet could provide evidence that early Bitcoin developers Hal Finney is not Satoshi Nakamoto. As previously reported, Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida programmer, said in 2010 that he had a relationship with Satoshi He worked closely with Finney, who stressed that "Satoshi Nakamoto does not own a Mac and does not know how to develop for the Apple OS". However, Finney tweeted in 2010 that both Finney and his wife owned a Mac. laptops

Ethereum 1.x Miscellaneous

Verifyvk, x, π → {0, 1} When vk is entered, enter x and prove π, verifier verifies Whether output 1 satisfies x ∈ LC

For non-technical information, see: ethereum 2.0 verifier costs and ethereum 2.0 calculator technical type information. See: Eth2 Pledge Guide #0 and Eth2 Pledge Guide #1: Motivation on Ethereum 2.0 What are the risks of pledging ethereum and becoming a verifier?

Current Ethernet 1.X (mainly stateless studies), Ethernet 2.0 phase 0 and phase 2 of the Research is taking place at the same time. phase 0 will have deposit contracts, audits, a multi-client test network, before its official release. The client optimizes these steps, and the official launch of phase 0 means that the ethereum 2.0 beacon chain PoS The birth of the network, in which 1.0 PoW Ethernet networks will exist alongside 2.0 PoS Ethernet networks

let walletconst fileReader = new FileReader ();fileReader.onload = async (e) = {wallet = JSON.parse(e.target.result);console.log( wallet)const address = await this.state. arweave.wallets.jwkToAddress(wallet)console .log(await this.state.arweave.wallets. getBalance(address)) this.setState({ wallet })this.setState({ address })}fileReader. readAsText(event.target.files[0]);}// Submitting the transaction to Arweave Network

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