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ethereum wallet api c, Blockchain API library (C#, .NET Core, v1)

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-Multiple pathways, including browser, iOS, Android APP and API API, ensure that users can access the latest technology anytime, anywhere. Trading digital assets

[HBTC Hobbit Exchange API is included in CCNT] According to the official news from HBTC (formerly BHEX) Hobbit. The HBTC API is now officially included in CCXT, an encapsulation of many digital currency trading platforms. The API's open-source library, which is the industry standard in the field of digital currency trading APIs, supports development in multiple languages and can be accessed through the Github is free to download and use the source code. hbtc hobbit exchange is a trading platform shared by 100% of coin holders. Jointly invested by 56 capitals such as Firecoin and OKEx, the main business is coins, contracts, OTC, options, etc., and the mainstream on the platform is Liquidity and depth in currency and contract trading

To further lower the barriers to blockchain use and better serve the community, we have launched the blockchain industry in the form of an API The solution, through API calls, can achieve notary justice, judicial deposit, copyright protection, contract signing, traceability protection, etc. capability output

Light History API: Provide a cost-effective way to provide local history API access

Founded in 2018, Fortmatic is an ethereum-based Web3 application wallet The company, which recently changed its name to Magic, is a solution provider for Web 3 and Web 2. Developers and users provide authentication technology services. The company says its wallet solutions are used in applications including Uniswap, TokenSets. Multiple ethereum applications such as PoolTogether

The blog claims that developers are currently working on the full Libra protocol architecture documentation and are working on it based on community input Finalize the external API. and the goal of this second version of the roadmap is to implement the roadmap, define the release requirements of the first version, and provide a roadmap for non Technicians modify pre-master net approach and increase community involvement

In addition to these, this week Bitcoin Core, C-Lightning, and LND also happened Some significant changes (note: we'll have to wait until version 0.21 for the Bitcoin Core changes mentioned below) (see, and the upcoming 0.20 release will not incorporate these new features)

Light History API: Provide a cost-effective way to provide local history API access

Added API for Signing Order than Transactions in near wallet

According to the information, BTI is known as the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI). Transparency Institute), a third-party measurement organization. The institute was originally formed in October 2017 by four core members with expertise in data science, high-frequency trading and web analytics The team now consists of more than 12 members, while the advisory team includes market makers, high-frequency traders, trade surveillance advisors and retirees. Executive (C-Level). the BTI claims that the site was initially built and developed by the four founding members at their own expense, however 7 It couldn't afford not to make a penny for a month and almost had to close down. Therefore, the team adjusted its strategy and started to move from a "non-profit entity to a profitable one". According to sources, BTI's commercial and enterprise API fees are $199 and $499 per year, respectively.

[Standard Chartered Bank invests in blockchain-based L/C blockchain platform Contour] On January 28, Standard Chartered Bank announced its investment in the Blockchain-based L/C blockchain platform Contour

This year, C-Net will provide more financial derivatives to our users, through different derivatives to meet the investment needs of different users. In addition, C-Net will continue to provide more MasterNode services this year. Threshold, to achieve a key pledge, easy to earn lying down

Curve has gone live over the past month or so with four separate pools of money, which can also be referred to as V1, V2, V3 and V4, respectively.

And this API is built through IPFS and is sent through Lipp2p. So, to link and use this API, you need to join in IPFS to get the latest data!

The technical support for micro-gold is Tencent's self-researched blockchain underlying technology platform - TrustSQL in early 2016. According to the Tencent Blockchain Solution White Paper released in 2017, TrustSQL Core is positioned to create a leading Enterprise-class blockchain infrastructure platform that provides the functionality of blockchain infrastructure services for upper tier application scenarios through SQL and API interfaces.

The project uses the .net core 2.2 framework, directly calling the service gateway api interface to achieve data interaction

Bitcoin wallet BlockCypher launches multi-signature API app

The wave of blockchain is only beginning now, and the future will generate more and bigger opportunities than mobile internet, and for our businesses, down-to-earth The core competitiveness of doing everything is to ensure that the fundamental. At present, through our cooperation with the Forbidden City Guan Tang, Rongbaozhai, Happy Camp and other well-known IPs, we have planted the concept of blockchain on a large scale. In March 2020, we will undertake the "Digital Library of Chinese Ethnic Cultures" project, where blockchain will be integrated with the cultural Closer integration of the field

Firecoin Global API adds subscriber recharge function】Firecoin released an announcement saying that from April 17, Firecoin will be able to provide a new set of features to its users. Global API adds subscriber recharge feature

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