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Storming off: users of the Ethereum wallet app MyEtherWallet will soon be able to get from the wallet interface Unstoppable Domains, a company that wants to spread the word about decentralization, is buying .crypto domains on . The domain name type company that entered into a partnership with this wallet provider

An Ethereum wallet called "Shitcoin Wallet" is reportedly being downloaded from an open browser window. injected malicious javascript code to steal data from its users. on Dec. 30, cybersecurity and anti Phishing expert Harry Denley warns of potential vulnerabilities in a tweet

[Researchers find high-risk vulnerability in ethereum wallet Argent] Cybersecurity firm OpenZeppelin Researchers have discovered a high-risk vulnerability in the Ethereum wallet Argent, according to a post. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to take over a user's wallet, especially those who do not have the "daemon" feature enabled. In the meantime, the article states that the Argent team has fixed the vulnerability and has contacted affected users.

The world's most used GUI bitcoin ethereum wallet bitter, imToken from the Chinese team

empowr ethereum wallet

The company's wallet solution has joined a number of popular ethereum apps since its launch in 2019 (including Uniswap, TokenSets and PoolTogether) and succeed. New users don't have to register a separate wallet for Ethereum on these platforms; the platforms create wallets for users by asking for their email address and send a registration link (called magic links) to their email account.

Hold or trade ethereum via mobile wallets such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet

Among the top 10,000 addresses in ethereum, the 10,000th wallet also has a balance of 748.16 The top-ranked wallet is the exchange wallet, with over 3.48 million ETHs, accounting for less than 1.5 percent of the total number of ETHs in Ethereum. At 3.2%, there is a large dispersion in the distribution of assets in Ethereum. So what secrets can be uncovered from these top 10,000 addresses? This article shows us the behavioral patterns behind these whale addresses

The Mars Financial App (WeChat: hxcj24h) reports on the front line that Coinbase announced its wallet Coinbase Wallet supports sending cryptocurrency using a friendly short address, including support for Coinbase Wallet username address and .eth address for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) For users who do not have an .eth address, it can also be accessed in the dapp browser of the wallet. ENS website to purchase your own .eth address.

Also, it's a bit more complicated when using a blockchain wallet for payments. At the end of last year, the CPU price of EOS exploded, causing the entire EOS payments to nearly collapse. The ethereum-based imtoken wallet also has frequent problems when making payments (TVB himself has frequent problems). Let's just say that EOS payments involving CPU, memory and bandwidth are just too complex, and ethereum payments are too slow . These wallets can't really be compared to the centralized payment tools like Alipay and WeChat. In other words, MYKEY is relatively the fastest and most convenient wallet, with very few problems.

A hot topic on Reddit over the past two days has been "Reddit's blockchain-based points system is confirmed to be Running on Ethereum", the most discussed topic around this topic is a decentralized domain name project by Unstoppable Domains Community Manager Reveals Video, Video Message Reveals, Reddit A system called "Community Points" is in the pipeline that will give each user an ethereum wallet and use ERC20 tokens.

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