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bch from wallet.dat, Dumping private keys from wallet.dat from command

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Screenshot from the OKEX BCH Quarterly Contract 4-hour chart: today let's talk about BCH, which is actually trending pretty much the same overall. If you understand BTC, you also understand the coinage.

Golden Finance reports that at 20:19 on April 8, the BCH blockchain reached a height of 630,000 blocks, completing its first Halve the target and reduce the incentive by 50%, from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH. based on an average of 10 minutes per block. The halving of the block-out rate will produce approximately 900 BCH per day.

bch from wallet.dat

There are several ideas for using private keys in the enhanced version, such as using multiple signatures, threshold signatures, etc., which must be used for each transaction Signatures, private keys can be kept in different places, security is high, but the technical solution and experience of using them is complex

Vernacular Blockchain Madan: Let's talk about a recent hot event, the recent news that some miners are shifting their arithmetic power from BCH to BTC. The move could have serious repercussions for BCH, one manifestation of which is that Bitcoin.com has stopped hiring and is heavily Layoffs. Meanwhile, data from the night of April 5 shows that the BCH network did not block out for an hour. In this regard, I would like to ask Manulife whether Bitcoin.com's layoffs are related to the BCH network's delay in blocking and the decrease in computing power. Will the security and stability of the BCH network be affected?

On August 1, 2017, Bitcoin Cash was forked off the Bitcoin blockchain, and then in 2018, BSV It's forked out of BCH again, so let's be clear about the relationship between the two forked coins, BCH forked from BTC, and the BSV bifurcated from BCH

According to CoinSpice, at a BCH gathering in London, Roger Ver announced that Bitcoin.com will set up a $200 million BCH eco-fund. Where will the money come from and where will it go? Not specified.

Phishing is a deliberate deception designed to steal your private information. A malicious attacker tries to get passwords, account information, private keys, or other personal information from you in an attempt to catch you off guard. Phishing schemes usually take place through spam, email, or pop-up windows. Don't click on anything you don't expect or that doesn't look real. There are many criteria to verify that a link or email is authentic

However, at the annual meeting at the beginning of 2019, Jank Group answered employees' questions about BCH. He said that in the future, we should treat all types of currencies objectively and neutrally. Wu Jihan immediately took the stage to refute: your miners lost competitiveness and were taken away from the market, so why blame it on BCH?

BCH Community

For miners in particular, the same arithmetic power, the BCH fee on hand from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH. There is a concern that the halving of BCH, before BTC has been halved, will cause miners to pay more to avoid BCH than BTC. The loss from the early halving would be about 50% of BCH with BTC and BCH going up and down roughly the same amount algorithm cut to BTC, the average block-out time of BCH is significantly lengthened, and the output of the same algorithm digging BCH is lower than that of BTC, resulting in more More arithmetic power is cut away, more arithmetic power is cut away, resulting in longer block-out times

Using BTC.com's tagging of BCH miners, we tracked the number of BCH recovered from each mining pool

BCH prices surged with the bears in the second half of 2017, and the currency's wild rise drove more mining sales. Wu Jihan a war to seal the gods, Bitcoin was once the industry leader. But the good times did not last long, the bear market that followed made Bitcoin's mining business into a quagmire, a large number of holdings of the BCH more became Black Hole. From $3363 all the way down to $600. As the biggest banker, it's even rumored that Bitcoin is spending $30 million a day to acquire BCH, or else BCH could at any time collapse

The Mars Financial App (WeChat: hxcj24h) is reporting on the front line that on April 8, at around 19:47, BCH will welcome For the first time since its inception, the miner's block award will be halved from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH, and daily production will be reduced from 1800 BCH down to 900 BCH

BCH: BCH needs to pull up in price to draw arithmetic power back in, but there's a lot of pressure above, with price support at $220. The pressure point is $250. the BCH dropped as low as $206 from April 10 to April 17. which rose to $239 and has yet to break the pressure point.

He further noted that there are two types of cryptographic algorithms for Bitcoin, namely the asymmetric cryptographic algorithm (elliptic curve cryptographic algorithm) used for digital signatures (ECDSA) and SHA-256 as a hash function. the former is mainly used to generate public and private keys, the latter is mainly used to extract from the public key Generating wallet addresses and PoW for the mining process

Of course, this is all based on the assumption that "quantum computers are powerful enough to compute private keys from public keys, and we have the ability to compute private keys from public keys. Without realizing the power of this technology and failing to upgrade the corresponding system in time".

BTC and BCH sold from March to June 2018

In the last two days, the market's recovery from the "3-12" selloff has paved the way for a good opportunity for BCH to cut production. april 6 day, BTC rallied back above $7,000 and BCH also rose from a high of $230 to $259 in 24 hours. 11.7% increase

After almost a month of hard work, developer Tobias Ruck built on the foundation of Be.cash. A smart card that generates a valid BCH signature. The smart card, just like a credit card, can complete the transaction in less than a second. The point of sale simply installs an application on the phone to receive BCH payments from the card, and the smart card generates a BCH signature stuck to the phone

Pokkst has been in the BCH camp for 8 months now, and Pokkst is very active in the BCH community, developing the Crescent Cash wallet and tipbitcoin.cash, the tipping system for BCH. Ecology has contributed greatly. Yesterday Pokkst released a statement on social forums, "On Switching from BTC to 'BCH', expresses how it feels to be part of BCH

An asymmetric encryption algorithm that includes a public and private key. The public key and private key are a pair, and encryption and decryption use two different keys, eliminating the need for users to exchange secret keys. China 1 billion people bank U shield, enterprise registration U shield, police system identity authentication, electronic signature, Internet HTTPS security Websites, WeChat payments, and Alipay payments are common applications for blockchain e-invoicing, cryptocurrency e-signatures, and Authentication guaranteed trust in anonymity, private key wallets, etc.

Before and after the halving, the BCH and BSV prices remained within a stable range. The network hash rate decreased from 3EH / s to 1EH / s at its lowest point. thanks to the difficulty adjustment of BCH and BSV algorithm, the network did not experience long periods of network congestion during the halving period.

In the early days, storing private keys was quite challenging and was only available to users with a technical background. This year, the situation has improved

Beware of wallet.dat files transferred from other sources such as idle fish, darknet and forums.

Since 2020, BCH has led a succession of gains. the price of BCH has risen from a low of around $190 in early January 2020 up to $490 in mid-February 2020. It grew by 150% in less than a month, which also drove mainstream currencies such as BTC, LTC and ETH to BCH is considered to be the first digital currency to "blow the whistle" on production cuts.

BBKX will go live with BCH, BSV, XRP, ETC, LTC perpetual contracts from March 10, according to BBKX.COM official news, BBKX will go live with BCH, BSV perpetual contract at 1700 on March 10, March XRP and ETC perpetual contracts will go live at 17:00 on 12 March, and LTC perpetual contracts will go live at 17:00 on 13 March, with maximum support. 50x leverage. So far, BBKX perpetual contract will cover BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, BCH and other major currencies.

The cuts did not bring a price binge, and a month earlier than BTC could cause arithmetic power in the short term if there is no bigger break in prices Losing from BCH. Challenging King Coin's BCH Roadblock

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